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PVIA Meeting Minutes February 3, 2015

Call to order time: 6:35

  • Police officers
    • Reminder about “puffers” being a problem
    • Theft of valuables from cars has also been a problem, don’t leave anything valuable visible in your vehicle
    • John Polak mentioned speeding issues on Lehigh, the officers will notify the traffic division
  • Councilwoman Faatz
    • The man-hole “pit” on Sheridan north of Lehigh has been fixed
    • City council members are looking to vote themselves a salary increase
      • For Councilwoman Faatz, her position has been about serving the people, not about making great money
      • Other council members want to raise their salaries by the maximum allowable level for the next four years
        • Money for the council-members’ salaries comes directly from tax-payers, but tax-payers have very little input or say in whether or not this salary increase goes into effect
  • Councilwoman Faatz’ last day will be July 19, 2015
    • Ballots for council-members will be sent out in April
    • A candidate for city council has to receive 50% +1 of the votes, or, there will be a run-off election
    • Her office is not moving downtown right now, but, the new council-member who takes over her position could still move the office downtown
  • Councilwoman Faatz will check on what is going on with getting lights on the center island on Sheridan to illuminate the island-statue
    • Lighting the statue requires additional funding
  • Clorinda Lovato asked what the chances were of getting the path in the park re-paved
    • Chances are slim the park will be repaved any time soon, but, if there are particularly dangerous spots, we can send pictures to council, if it is a “trip hazard” they will send someone out to fix at least those specific spots, but, we are not a major enough park that the investment in re-paving the path will happen anytime soon
  • Increased lighting in the park has also been discussed for a long time now
    • Increasing lighting too much in parks actually creates more crime than it solves
      • Minors violate curfew restrictions and hang out in well-lit parks well after the 9 PM park curfew
  • Bob Johnson asked if there were any plans for revitalization of vacant buildings/lots around Mississippi and Broadway
    • Call Councilman Chris Nevitt’s office about concerns in this area
  • Rick Reed raised concerns about what was going on in the South Platte River
    • Councilwoman Faatz says they are doing work on the sewer lines that run underneath the South Platte
    • Can contact Chris Nevitt’s office about this as well
  • Committee Reports
    • Treasurer- Nancy Polak
      • Bills all paid up so far
      • Balance: $2,115.88
      • Membership- John Polak
        • 209 paid houses
        • Parks- Dave and Clorinda Lovato
          • Nothing besides concerns addressed by Councilwoman Faatz
          • Safety- Rick Reed- Nothing on safety, as far as the horse property, he could not make it to the last re-zoning meeting. The firefighter and their mother were the only ones in attendance- according to them, the builder has said that the houses he plans to build on the property that back up to existing houses on the west side of the property will be single-story only- other details still being worked out.
          • Social- Loretta Schuh- Holiday party
            • Holiday Inn is waiting on their chef to decide what food options will be available for the holiday party, once they decide that, we’ll choose from the options they give us
            • Architectural Control- Mike Schuh
              • Not present, no one else knew of any architectural-control committee issues
              • Island/Entrance- Kay Reed
                • Kay not present, no report
                • Village Editor- Jane Brown
                  • Nothing
                  • Block Reps- None present
                    • Someone at the meeting spoke to the neighborhood mail-carrier and he asked us to remind the block-reps not to put the newsletters on the mailboxes, he CAN remove those, he’s been lenient so far, but he wanted to let someone know
                      • Jane Brown will call block reps and pass on this advisement
  • Old business
    • Board met on 1/29, will meet again in February before the next public meeting in March
    • Website is up and new content will be added and changed this week
      • Still working on color-scheme, features
  • Increase of Dues
    • Still working out details of when the dues’ increase will be discussed at a public meeting
  • New business
    • Allowed each of the candidates for city council (Jeanne Faatz’ position) who were present at the meeting to introduce themselves (just their names)
      • All candidates were collecting signatures to have their names on the ballot for elections in April
  • New neighbors from Ray Gonzales’ house at the meeting tonight
    • Introduced themselves briefly
  • There has been a big, intimidating German Shepherd loose in the neighborhood, several people have seen him on several occasions
    • Jane Brown will mention in the newsletter
  • Other business/issues/announcements
    • Nothing

Meeting closed at 7:30 PM

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