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PVIA Meeting Minutes March 3, 2015

Call to order time: 6:35 PM

  • Police officers- Lieutenant Jeff Martinez
    • They are definitely willing to come out to Pinecrest for any concerns, especially about people committing crimes in the park
    • Pinecrest is one of the lowest-crime areas in the district, but we should be sure to call about any concerns we have to make sure it stays one of the lowest-crime areas
  • Councilwoman Faatz/Dana
    • Broadway/Mississippi- will have overlays over the potholes in March, will be totally repaved in July
    • Pinecrest Village park-path- they have to wait until the snow melts to evaluate the path and make a plan
      • Chris Yantz is the main contact person from the city for this
  • Lighting for the island statue on Sheridan- The city has the money allocated for this, they need the ice and snow to melt down more so they can determine where they can place the lights, then, they are consulting with the artist to determine where they should place the lights
  • Speed-trailer- we’re on the list, again, they need the ice and snow to melt down a bit to be able to safely place the trailer
  • Construction on the South Platte River- part of the greenway project- repairing sewer and water lines
    • Trying to improve connectivity of the trails throughout the city
    • Also working on beautification efforts and removing dead trees around the area
  • PVIA Officers Reports
    • President- Rob Collins
      • Encouraged everyone to attend the commander’s meeting at 9 AM on March 11
  • Vice-president- Bob Johnson
    • No one on his block has received their Village Editor this month

v  Jane Brown says the newsletters were given to the block-reps on Saturday, they should be getting them out

v  Decided we will put a notice in the Village Editor for the block-reps reminding them to get the newsletters out in a timely manner

  • Secretary- Rachel Collins
    • Read last month’s meeting minutes, approved as read
  • Treasurer- Nancy Polak
    • Paid $130.02 to the webmaster, that covers everything the webmaster has done up until this point
    • Board approved paying the webmaster
    • Paid Excel bill
    • Earned 1 cent in interest
    • Board approved reimbursing the Schuhs $73.00 for flowers purchased for the Reeds
  • Committee Reports
    • Membership- John Polak
      • 209 members paid
  • Parks- Dave and Clorinda Lovato
    • Trash seems to collect against the fence in the back corner on the east side near the horse-shoe pits (blown there by the wind)
    • The porta-potty in the park needs to be replaced now that the weather is warming up and the park is being used more again
  • Safety- Rick Reed
    • There is a storage container near the intersection of Golden Ct. and Milan that is placed too far from the curb and is creating a blind spot for cars as they come around that corner, Rick called the container company to have it moved either forward or closer to the curb to solve this issue
  • Social- Loretta Schuh
    • The Easter egg hunt will be March 20th in the park
    • She has gotten the menus for the year-end party at the Holiday Inn, the prices have gone up a couple of dollars a person to provide the usual foods
  • Architectural Control- Mike Schuh
    • Nothing, just wanted to thank everyone in the neighborhood for helping their neighbors shovel snow, move their garbage cans, things like that
  • Island/Entrance- Kay Reed
    • There is an issue with one of the flood lights on the far south side not staying lit, they need to check on it, but, they have to wait for the snow and ice to melt to really figure out what needs to be done with it
  • Village editor- Jane Brown
    • Nothing
  • Block-reps
    • None present
  • Old business
    • Website is up and new content will be added and changed this week
      • Color scheme is better, 780 hits so far, check it out, let us know what you think.
      • Would like to add pictures from the Christmas party, other neighborhood events, let us know if you have any you’d like to put up
  • Increase of dues
    • We try to keep expenses down
    • Our main expense is the Christmas party
    • We try and make sure to purchase all of our needed postage for the year before an anticipated postage-rate hike
    • An average of 30 houses do not pay each year

v  the households that fail to pay are not all the same houses each year

  • It would take $35.00/year per household to make sure we stay in the positive for the budget-year
  • Rick Reed felt $50.00/year was not excessive and was the appropriate amount, would still be due on June 1st of each year
  • Another community member thought it would be more appropriate to have the people who actually choose to attend the events in the neighborhood give a little toward event expenses AT the actual event, rather than just having a general fund that EVERYONE has to pay into

v  Also felt increasing the dues to $50/year (a 100% increase) was a big jump, felt a smaller amount might seem more appropriate

  • Bob Johnson felt the $50/year was not excessive, argued that because the expenses for the neighborhood association go up each year (especially lighting bills, postage), having house-hold contributions go up was not unreasonable

v  He feels $50/year will not be a hardship for anyone who can afford to buy a home in Pinecrest Village

v  He would also like to have more funds on reserve in case legal issues arise and we need to pursue hiring representation (or any other emergencies arise)

  • Dave Lovato says the increase in dues will go to cover the social events put on by the neighborhood.

v  We all like to attend these events, socialize, connect with our neighbors

v  He feels, for all the events the neighborhood organizes, $40/year in dues seems appropriate

  • Vote on dues postponed until April meeting

v  $40/year was what the majority of the people at tonight’s meeting felt was appropriate

v  Chart of neighborhood expenses will go out with next month’s newsletter

  • New Business
    • March 18, 2015 6-9 PM, Trailer Middle School 2900 S Ivan Way in Denver- all candidates for city council will be present for questions/discussion- anyone is welcome to attend

Meeting closed at 8:15 PM

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