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PVIA Meeting Minutes April 7, 2015

Call to order time: 6:35 PM

  • Police officers- Lieutenant Martinez
    • No new crime-patterns in our area
    • He just came back from a workshop put together by DPD with 21 inner-city kids up in Aspen where they taught kids to ski, helped the kids to see police officers in a positive light
    • They are going to be increasing bike patrols on the Bear-Creek bike path, main goal is to reduce graffiti and the homeless population in the area
    • Advised people to avoid Federal on Sunday nights, now that the weather is warmer there are lots of people out “cruising” Federal on Sunday nights- also avoid Federal for the same issue during the weekend before Cinco de Mayo (5/2-5/3)
    • There is are new traffic lights at Cornell and Federal and Amherst and Federal coming 5/5 for pedestrian-crossing
      • These lights are just temporary right now, they may never become permanent , but they were put in for pedestrian safety
  • An attendee at the meeting saw some landscapers dumping dirt and other plant-materials on the east side of Platte River Drive- the police will look into it
  • Landscapers have also been seen filling their trucks at the park fire-hydrant
    • Lieutenant Martinez said some landscapers have contracts with the city that allows them to fill their trucks at fire-hydrants, but, if we have concerns and call when we see them, they can look into it
  • The porto-let has been reinstalled at the park, but someone has already hit the porto-let with graffiti and a piece of the wooden place-marker for the porto-let was pulled off (or blown off)
  • There have been a few “smash and grab” issues in South Denver- the police are working on identifying and locating some of the people involved in these incidents
    • Police have some predictive mapping software they are using to try and determine where these groups will strike next
  • One of the meeting attendees requested more patrols on Lehigh for speeders, Lieutenant Martinez will mention it to Sargent Rodarte
  • One of the meeting attendees mentioned an issue with a barking dog on Lehigh, they will need a 2nd neighbor to sign the complaint before police can take action
  • Councilwoman Faatz
    • Competition is good, specifically in cable television
      • Centurylink has been unwilling to agree to follow the same rules Comcast is subject to
      • Centurylink will not guarantee coverage for anywhere but small areas of Denver (16 neighborhoods with guaranteed coverage, none near our neighborhood)
        • Hard to say if they will ever expand beyond this
    • The City legal team decided this move to franchise with Centurylink would not be submitted to voters, which violates the city-council charter
      • Councilwoman Faatz voted against the decision not to submit this to voters
  • Officers reports
    • President- Rob Collins
      • March- Went to the District 4 Commanders’ Meeting, Co-sponsored the City Council candidates’ forum, attended a lunch to meet with other community leaders and the mayor to talk about different views on issues, also attended Chlorinda’s meeting with Chris Yantz in the park about the path re-surfacing
        • A few of those other community leaders at the breakfast with the mayor suggested that any excess money left from the increase in the dues could be returned to neighbors in the form of a scholarship given by the neighborhood association toward a neighborhood members’ higher-education expenses
  • Vice President- Bob Johnson
    • There is a barking dog off of Fenton on the East side of Lehigh, the dog will bark for about 4 hours at a time, the house has a doggie-door and the dog lets himself out through that
  • Secretary- Rachel Collins
    • Read minutes of March meeting, approved as read
  • Treasurer- Nancy Polak
    • Paid $459.15 for postage, lights, flowers, and the web page
    • Loretta requested reimbursement in the amount of $205 for the Easter egg hunt, board approved reimbursement out of neighborhood funds to Loretta
    • Balance in the account is $1, 634.00
  • Committee Reports
    • Membership- John Polak
      • 209 members paid
      • Sent out a mailing to inform everyone of the opportunity to cast their vote in favor of or in opposition to the dues’ increase
  • Parks- Dave and Clorinda Lovato
    • Everyone did an excellent job of cleaning up after the Easter egg hunt, good clean-up was very appreciated
    • Chris Yantz agreed there needs to be increased lighting in the park, they really want to insist on more lighting being installed, especially in the back corner of the park
    • Someone dumped quite a bit of trash in the cul-de-sac by the park again recently, police can really only do anything if someone witnesses WHO dumped the trash, get their information and pass that on to police
  • Safety- Rick Reed
    • Nothing to report
  • Social- Loretta Schuh
    • There were about 60 kids for the Easter egg hunt
    • Everyone who attended was very good about cleaning up the park after the event
  • Architectural Control- Mike Schuh
    • Reminded everyone to call him before painting their houses, doing any landscaping, or with any other questions and to call 8-1-1 before doing any work on fencing
  • Island/Entrance- Kay Reed
    • She met with someone about the entrance plants, according to this expert, the plants we planted last year will do better this year with a slow-release fertilizer, they should be salvageable with some extra effort at the start of this season
    • She wants the trees at the entrance trimmed, wants to plant the island bird-path with flowers (as is the norm for our entrance), and wants the weeds on Sheridan to be sprayed to improve the look of our entrance
  • Village Editor- Jane Brown
    • Did not have anything to discuss at tonight’s meeting
  • Block-reps
    • None present at tonight’s meeting
  • Old business
    • Increase of dues
      • All attendees at tonight’s meeting voted unanimously to increase the dues to $40 yearly
      • Board members will discuss ways to collect the dues, specifically from those who do not pay
        • Will review by-laws to determine what efforts the Improvement Association Board needs/can make to collect on un-paid dues
        • An announcement will be made that negative back-dues will be collected out of closing when a house in the neighborhood is sold
    • Asking for the increase based on the cost of the social events the neighborhood association puts together for the neighborhood
      • The neighborhood demographics are turning over, we will need more money to provide activities for the increased number of young kids coming into the neighborhood
    • 3 neighbors sent comments via E-mail to the president about the dues increase, 2 of those neighbors felt the increase was not appropriate, felt neighbors who choose to attend events should pay a fee for those events when they attend- other neighbor was in-favor of the dues increase
    • Extra funds from dues will be used to improve the neighborhood, will not be used for any lone-board-members’ purposes or anything not directly community-related
  • New business
    • Manuel Gonzalez requested permission at the meeting tonight to plant some trees in his front yard to block direct sunlight coming into his bedroom, he will check the city ordinances about where trees can be planted on his property
      • He also wanted to notify everyone he had someone try and break into his garage, damage the key to his garage door, recently, he did not report this to police, but just wanted people to be aware
  • Bob Johnson wanted to let everyone know he is trying to kill off his grass to aid in re-sodding efforts, his yard will look bad for a while, but, if his efforts are successful, his yard should end up looking much better in the end

Meeting Closed at 8:15 PM

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