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PVIA Meeting Minutes May 5, 2015

Call to order time: 6:35 PM

  • Police officers- Not here, Cinco de Mayo celebration monitoring
  • Councilwoman Faatz/Dana
    • July 17th will be Councilwoman Faatz’s last day in office- she will not be at the June meeting
    • There is going to be a run-off election to determine Councilwoman Faatz’s successor
      • Between John Kidd and Kevin Flynn
      • Ballots will be due June 2
      • Only about 27% of eligible voters have voted in this election
  • Property valuations
    • Some property values have gone up as much as 40% (The average rise in property valuations in Denver was 29%)
    • All property valuations have been trending up because of market sales and trends
    • Homeowners can protest their property valuations up until June 1
      • Have to go through the assessors’-office website

v  Can search for comparable properties and file a protest based on valuations of comparable properties

  • There is still a senior discount of up to 50% of property value over $250,000

v  Have to have lived in the home for at least 10 years

v  Have to file for a “homestead exception” to property taxes

  • Officers reports
    • President- Rob Collins
      • Out of town on business
  • VP- Bob Johnson
    • No report
  • Secretary- Rachel Collins- Read minutes of last meeting (4/7)
    • Approved, with corrections
  • Treasurer- Nancy Polak
    • Paid $115 for the Easter Egg Hunt and festivities
    • Balance remaining: $1510.14
  • Committee Reports
    • Membership- John Polak
      • He sent out letters for dues, some dues are already coming in
      • He has received a couple of calls about there being a difference between the dues’ amount listed on the website versus what’s listed in the by-laws
  • Parks- Dave and Clorinda Lovato
    • The park is looking good
    • Clorinda talked to some people from the parks department, our park path is on the list to be re-done
      • Park path may be re-done as soon as October
    • The dirt in the park flower-beds has been turned over (looks like they are getting ready to plant flowers)
    • There are LOTS of dandelions in the park though
  • Safety- Rick Reed
    • He found out that repairing unevenness and cracks in the sidewalk is the homeowners’ responsibility if there is grass between the street and the public sidewalk (not the city’s job to make repairs)
  • Social- Kay Reed
    • The neighborhood garage sale will be June 5th and 6th
      • We are coordinating with Pinehurst to advertise
  • Architectural Control- Mike Schuh
    • He is anticipating problems with weeds
    • There are some weed issues with the houses that back up to Sheridan
      • There is also one fence backing up to Sheridan that is deteriorating and falling down

v  Mike will plan on sending a letter to this neighbor

  • Call 3-1-1 if weeds in the neighborhood have grown to a height greater than 6-inches
  • Island/entance- Kay Reed
    • She spoke to Gary- one “globe” at the entrance died and will not be growing back this year
      • Gary will re-plant the bush and only charge us for the cost of the bush
    • Kay will re-plant everything else that needs re-planting soon
  • Village Editor- Jane Brown
    • Jane was out sick for tonight’s meeting, no report
  • Block Reps- None present
  • Old Business
    • Nothing
  • New business
    • Approved reimbursing Gwen for welcome-basket expenses- $130
    • Kay Reed will wait for dues money to come in before purchasing plants for the island/entrance
    • The board voted to change the listed dues’ amount in the by-laws to the new $40 annual rate- need to change the date on the dues’ section in Article 9 of the by-laws to say the by-laws were “amended and approved by the Board of Directors May 5, 2015
    • Block-Rep Lupe Seim wants to give her block-rep duties to her neighbor Amy Sullivan
      • Rachel will notify Anson Mark of new address to deliver newsletters to for distribution
  • Other business
    • Want to list the garage sales as an event on the calendar on the web-page
    • Want Anson Mark to get the newsletters to the block reps earlier
      • Bob Johnson will call him
      • Kay Reed would not mind taking over Anson’s job, but does not want to take it away from Anson if he still wants to and likes to do it

Meeting closed at 7:35 PM

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