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PVIA Meeting Minutes June 2, 2015

Call to order time 6:40 PM

  • Police officers- none present
  • Councilwoman Faatz/Dana- Not present
  • Officers’ Reports
    • President- Rob Collins
      • He helped with efforts to encourage voting for the vacant spot on city council
  • Vice President- Bob Johnson
    • Nothing to report
  • Secretary- Rachel Collins
    • read minutes of meeting from 5/5, approved as read
  • Treasurer- Nancy Polak
    • Paid $75 rent for the storage unit (that is the price we pay every month)
    • Balance: $4,646.94
  • Committee reports
    • Membership- John Polak
      • Dues’ money is coming in, there are 113 paid households so far
  • Parks- Dave and Clorinda Lovato
    • Unable to attend tonight’s meeting
    • Flowers have been planted in the park, the tree that fell in the park was taken care of and cleaned up very quickly (thanks to the city’s Parks Department)
  • Safety- Rick Reed
    • Unable to attend tonight’s meeting
    • The potholes at both entrances to the neighborhood have been filled
    • Automobile registrations now come with a copy that does not have the owners’ home address listed on it
      • This is the one to keep in your vehicle so that if your vehicle is ever stolen, there is less probability the thief will find where you live
  • Social- Loretta Schuh
    • The garage sale-ad when out today in the papers
      • Cost was $97 to run
    • Ads for the neighborhood garage sale will run on Craigslist on Thursday (June 4)
  • Architectural Control- Mike Schuh
    • Nothing
  • Island/Entrance- Kay Reed
    • She planted the bird bath at the entrance (cost: $67, already approved at May’s meeting)
    • She contacted Gary’s Landscaping about the 2 globe trees at the entrance that had died
      • Gary replaced the two trees and only charged Pinecrest Village the cost of the trees, nothing for labor (total cost: $100, already approved at May’s meeting)
    • Paid Rocky Mountain Tree company to trim and shape the trees at the entrance (cost: $350)
      • Board members voted and approved reimbursing Kay for the $350 for the tree-trimming
  • Village Editor- Jane Brown
    • Unable to attend tonight’s meeting
  • Block Reps
    • None present at tonight’s meeting
  • Old Business
    • The web-page should be up-to-date
      • There are some documents in the “documents” tab we want switched over to the “community” tab
        • By-laws, covenants, minutes, and the proxy voting form
    • Need to find out if the creator of the website will also maintain the website for us or if that will be our responsibility going forward
  • New Business
    • A new Secretary will be needed to take over taking notes for the monthly association meetings by September’s meeting
      • Current secretary is moving out-of-state
  • There were lots of newsletters left on the mailbox-flags after the rain last month
    • The mail-carriers have asked us not to place the newsletters there, they can remove them if they want to
      • President Rob Collins will mention this issue to the block-reps, remind them not to place newsletters under mailbox flags
  • Several houses have sold in the neighborhood recently, are seeing new neighbors moving in
  • Other business/issues/announcements
    • The PVIA public meeting in August will be held at the park (not at Sabin Elementary school)

Meeting closed at 7:20 PM

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