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PVIA Meeting Minutes July 20, 2015

Board Meeting held at the home of Kay Reed. Call to order time: 6:45 PM

  • Officers reports
    • President- Rob Collins
      • Dana Montano will be staying in the District office working for Mr. Flynn. The office will remain open in Bear Valley.
      • A new printer is being delivered. The office will continue to print the newsletter for us.
      • We have no guest speaker for the August meeting. Motion made, seconded to cancel the August meeting in the park. Unanimous vote to approve motion.
  • Vice President- Bob Johnson
    • Wants us to look into getting a plaque installed in the park in honor of Jeanne Faatz similar to the one we have for Ted Hackworth.
  • Secretary- Rachel Collins
    • Read minutes of June meeting, approved as read
    • Departing this month for law school
  • Treasurer- Nancy Polak
  • Committee Reports
    • Membership- John Polak
      • Not present
      • 61 houses not paid, second letter sent out
  • Parks- Dave and Clorinda Lovato
    • Not Present
  • Safety- Rick Reed
    • Smoke from chimineas can be dangerous and smelly. Make sleeping with windows open during the summer unpleasant. Fire pits are not allowed in Denver?
  • Social- Loretta Schuh
    • The garage sale was a bit of a dud due to rain.
    • Looking forward to the Christmas party.
    • On July 25th at the 2nd Annual Harvey Park Festival, Jeanne Faatz will be honored. The Municipal band will play and there will be fireworks after dark.
  • Architectural Control- Mike Schuh
    • Reminded everyone to call him before painting their houses, doing any landscaping, or with any other questions and to call 8-1-1 before doing any work on fencing
    • He is concerned about “flippers” buying houses in the neighborhood. They get started and then run into money or code issues with the city and leave a bunch of construction material lying around a property while things get straightened out. These could be long term eyesores. Not sure how we can handle this if it happens.
  • Island/Entrance- Kay Reed
    • She wants the trees at the entrance trimmed. She has contacted Don Wessel with Rocky Mountain Tree service to do the work. They will charge $350, same as 3 years ago. It will be done in November.
    • She wants the weeds on Sheridan to be sprayed to improve the look of the approach to our entrance.
    • 1 of the globe bushes is not doing well, possibly from over watering. She will ask Gerry and Manual to do a little less watering.
    • Thinks we need to remind owners that have houses backing up on Sheridan of their responsibility to keep the weeds between their fences and the sidewalk cleaned up and under control.
  • Village Editor- Jane Brown
    • Did not have anything to discuss at tonight’s meeting
  • Block-reps
    • None present at tonight’s meeting
  • Old business
    • None
  • New business
    • The Board discussed at length the desire to put together a notice to be printed in the newsletter reminding people of the Covenants and to ask our neighbors to take pride of ownership in their property.
    • We need to keep an eye on rental properties and possibly notify the listed owners if the property starts to get overgrown or covenant violations happen.

Meeting Closed at 8:50 PM

A good time was had by all in attendance.

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