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PVIA Meeting Minutes September 1, 2015

Meeting opened at 6:35

v  Police

  • Commander Mark Fleecs-new to District 4, 25 years on force
  • Officer Lucia Arguello, CRO in District 2
  • Officer Tyler Blakesley, new CRO for our area
    • Theft from cars is increasing. Keep everything out of sight. If your car has been broken into but nothing appears to be missing, check the glovebox. Thieves are breaking in and taking registration and insurance cards to use in identity theft
    • Graffiti is down about 60 % due to efforts of the task force and citizen involvement in reporting and cleanup
    • Encouraged us “that if you see anything suspicious, call the police”.

v  Councilman Flynn/Dana Montano

  • Public safety is his top issue
  • 212 homeless people known in our area / district
    • If you encounter homeless people, call the police so they can contact them and offer help
  • Chick-fil-a may be coming to DIA, They had the top bids. Vote will be on 9/21
  • Upcoming November ballot issues
    • Intergovernmental agreement on land use near DIA for commercial use
    • National Western complex improvements
    • Proposed tax and use fee increases
  • If you need assistance with any city related issue, call the office. DO NOT call 311

v  Chris from O’Toole’s

  • Advice and products to prepare your lawn and garden for winter and next spring


v  Social- Loretta Schuh

  • Holiday party
    • Will be held on Dec. 4 at 6:30 pm the Holiday Inn at Wadsworth and Hampton frontage road
    • Discussed the menu, ticket price and invitation of former residents
      • Motion made, seconded and approved to order the Mistletoe buffet selection with both a chicken and roast sirloin entrée and all the extras.
      • Motion made, seconded and approved to increase the ticket price to $8.00 per person, $15.00 per household.
      • Motion made, seconded and approved to invite former residents to attend for the price of the ticket.

v  Park - Dave and Clorinda Lovato

  • There is a lot of debris in the park from homeowners who’s properties back up to the park.
  • Bushes along the south fence of the park are growing into the power lines.
  • The hole left by the removal of the tree on Lehigh is a possible tripping hazard

We will contact the Parks and Rec people to address these issues

v  Treasurer- Nancy Polak

  • Paid storage rent, entry flowers and tree costs and Xcel
  • 2 returned checks from residents and related fees

Meeting closed at 8:35 pm

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