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PVIA Monthly Meeting Minutes

October 6, 2015

Meeting was called to order by Vice President Bob Johnson at 6:42 PM with thirteen in attendance. President Rob Collins was out of town on business.

Police Officers:

Officer Lucia Arguello was filling in for Officer Tyler Blakesley who was on vacation. She had flyers for everyone giving tips on how to protect themselves from becoming victims during the holiday season.

Jane Brown asked about license plate thefts being mentioned frequently on TV. Officer Arguello informed us you can purchase specially designed license plate screws at any hardware store. Plates are stolen for a number of reasons and should be reported a soon as you notice they are missing.

Bob Johnson mentioned he has seen more tagging in the area. This too needs to be reported when we see it so removal crews can be sent.

Councilman Flynn / Dana Montano:

                Dana Montano was standing in for Councilman Kevin Flynn who was in California visiting his new grandchild.

Councilman Flynn wanted Dana to report that the election ballots will be mailed out this week and the drop boxes will be available Oct. 12th. He approves all the ballot questions except Question 2A regarding increasing the sales tax to fund a program for college scholarships.

                Dana addressed the question asked by Clorie Lovato about the recent shooting in Bear Valley. She told us that a Castle Rock resident was meeting someone at 1:00 AM. Ten shots were fired and the individual that was hit ran across the King Soopers parking lot to the ambulance parked at the library where he died from his injuries. The other person left the scene, caught a plane and flew out of Colorado where he was arrested upon landing. Dana informed us our neighborhood was safe as the two men just used the location as a meeting place.

                Dana also reported that Councilman Flynn was adding an amendment to the city’s budget, increasing the current Police Academy class of 22 officers to two classes of 50 officers each. It was passed and is awaiting the approval of the Mayor which should happen Oct 7th. Denver has had the same amount of officers since 1990. With more officers retiring or relocating to other non DPD positions and with 111 officers staffed at DIA, there is a need for more manpower.

                It was mentioned that the city wanted all of its Councilmen to have their offices downtown in the City and County Building, but because of lack of space there, two Councilmen got to keep their neighborhood offices. Councilman Flynn was one of the two.

Officer’s Reports:

President - Rob Collins was out of town.

Vice President - Bob Johnson reported he had a lengthy discussion with Rob Collins regarding a neighbor on his street. Calls have been made to the owner asking for his help but nothing seems to be working. Rob Collins agreed with Bob Johnson to have a letter sent from the Board, which they will write, addressing the issues.

Secretary - Nancy Polak read the minutes from the September 1st meeting. They were approved as read.

Treasury Report - Nancy Polak reported that no dues were collected and two bills were paid leaving a balance of $8,427.48

Committee Reports:

Membership – John Polak reported there are 196 households paid. There are more unpaid this year than in the past.

Parks – Clorie Lovato remarked that, even with all the kids playing ball and the dogs being walked, the park looks great. She contacted the Parks Department about picking up the shrub debris from the south side of the park. They informed her that they did a courtesy pick up but it was really the responsibility of the homeowners.

Safety – Rick Reed stated the sidewalk along Chase has been patched with asphalt.

Social – Loretta Schuh wanted to know our thoughts on letting non-resident family members come to the Christmas Party. It was discussed and determined that it would be acceptable as long as they paid for a ticket. She encouraged everyone to talk to their neighbors about getting their tickets as the Holiday Inn needs a head count by November 15th. A reminder will be placed in the newsletter and a sign will be posted at the entryway.

                Clorie Lovato mentioned that Manuel and Mable Castillo had not received their newsletter and invitation when everyone else had. Bob Johnson volunteered to call their Block Rep to see if there was/is a problem.

Architectural Control – Mike Schuh commented on several homes getting painted or having new roofs installed. He was concerned about a pallet of bricks on Kent Street. Kay Reed said she has seen an individual working there during the weekends on the project.   Mike Schuh will check to see if the city had notified them.

                Bob Johnson requested a note of thanks be put in the newsletter thanking and commending all the residents on Sheridan for cleaning up their weeds and, also, to the other residents who have picked up their yards. Jane Brown will do so.

                Dave Lovato observed there are still unsightly trash cans, ladders, etc. that haven’t been relocated. Mike Schuh said he had called Dana Montano and she had the City Inspector come out. If there is an issue, we would need to call Dana to discuss the problem.

Island / Entrance – Kay Reed reported the globe trees on the north side of the entryway were being covered and choked with Jerry Sanford’s juniper tree debris. She received permission from him to remove the tree which Gary Burglund did. Mr. Burglund is also looking for a replacement globe for the one that died.

Village Editor – Jane Brown had nothing to report.

Block Reps – No Reports

Before going any further, Bob Johnson asked Jerry Lynch to introduce himself. He did so and Bob thanked him for attending .

Old Business:    None.

New Business:

Treasurer Nancy Polak asked for a motion to pay the bill for the Officer and Directors Insurance of $1,721.00. Kay Reed made the motion. It was seconded and approved.

Bob Johnson noted that nominations for officers will be done next month and asked Jane Brown to include a notice about it in the newsletter.

Nancy Polak asked Kay Reed if Gary Berglund will be sending a bill for the removal of the juniper tree. She said she asked for a “good guy” discount if / when he sends a bill.

Question was asked when the trees on the island will be trimmed. Kay Reed said they’ll be done after the leaves are off and the sap is down.

Clorie Lovato asked about the street sweepers. She has noticed that residents don’t necessarily clean their street gutters and the leaves gather around the sewer drains. Thought it would be a good idea to have notifications as to when street sweeping will be done so cars can be moved. Bob Johnson made a note to himself to call the City and Rob Collins to see if we can receive such notification.

Jane Brown wanted to know if she should put the Police Department’s flyer in the newsletter. Bob Johnson said it would be a good idea.

Dave Lovato wanted to know how or who to contact for a lost and found situation since they had found a pair of glasses. It was decided that a memo in the newsletter might help.

With no further business, motion was made by Kay Reed to adjourn the meeting. It was seconded and approved.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:45PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Polak,

Acting Secretary

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