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PVIA Meeting Minutes November 3, 2015

Meeting opened at 6:40.

         v  Police

  • None present due to an explosion incident in the downtown area.

         v  Councilman Flynn/Dana Montano

  • Discussed upcoming issue with the Police Academy recruits pertaining to financing and the manner in which the city budget is divvied up for police.
  • Filled us in on his other activities and committee work.
  • He discussed the voting taking place today and would bring the results to our next meeting.
  • If you need assistance with any city related issue, call the office. DO NOT call 311


  • Officers reports
    • President- Rob Collins
      • Been busy with travel/work
    • Vice President- Bob Johnson
      • Will work with Rob Collins on a letter dealing with unruly renters on his block
    • Secretary – VACANT
      • Nancy Polak typed the minutes from the October meeting
      • Rob Collins read minutes of October meeting, approved as read
    • Treasurer- Nancy Polak
      • Paid the Insurance for the Officers
      • Paid the Secretary of State$10.00 for our registration
      • Paid the Excel bill and reimbursed John for expenses
        • Balance was $6656.04
  • Committee Reports
    • Membership- John Polak
      • 196 households have paid dues
    • Parks- Dave and Clorinda Lovato
      • Park looks nice. City is doing a good job on everything
      • Possible problem with lighting. Will be checked on by Rob Collins
    • Safety- Rick Reed
      • Not present
    • Social- Loretta Schuh
      • 21 tickets have been sold for the Holiday Party. Plan is to contact people to determine if they are coming.
      • A final count needs to be in by Nov. 15 for the hotel.
    • Architectural Control- Mike Schuh
      • Nothing at this time
    • Island/Entrance- Kay Reed
      • Trees will be trimmed when the sap has gone down.
      • Decoration of the entryway will be at 1:30 on Friday after Thanksgiving
    • Village Editor- Jane Brown
      • Not present
    • Block-reps
      • None present at tonight’s meeting
  • Old business
    • Halloween went well in the neighborhood.
      • The street in front of the Palin home was spray painted. It was cleaned off the next day by the city.
    • Street sweeping is generally done the last Thursday of the month. Rob Collins will verify this with the city.
      • Question asked if they could put up signs to remind residents.
  • New business
    • Anson Marks wife passed away. A sympathy card from the Board will be sent by Rob Collins
    • Nancy asked about renewing the use of the school auditorium for the next year.
      • Motioned and approved to continue meeting at Sabin elementary school.

Nomination of Officers:

The current slate of officers were all nominated with no other candidates for any of the offices.

The motion was made to elect those nominated and since there were no opposition candidates, the election be declared completed.

Motion passed unanimously.

Meeting closed at 8:20 pm

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