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PVIA Monthly Meeting Minutes

December 1, 2015

Meeting was called to order by Treasurer Nancy Polak at 6:35 PM with 12 in attendance. Both President Rob Collins and Vice President Bob Johnson were not present. Since there was not a quorum, Marlene Collins was voting as proxy for Rob Collins.

Councilman Flynn:

Councilman Flynn updated us on the funding for additional police officers with the study starting next week. Councilman Flynn is on the committee and Mayor Hancock is in favor of increasing the force.

                Mr. Flynn wanted our input with regards to three houses seeking landmark designation. One in particular was a hostile landmark designation where the neighbors got together for the designation so there would not be any new development on their block. Mr. Flynn was not in favor of the designations.

                He also wanted our input on short term rentals with Airbnb. A residence in Harvey Park was purchased by an outside investor and was being rented as a party house. Our consensus was that the renting should be done by the owner occupant.

                Dana Montano wanted it known that Harvey Park will be getting a new walkway in their park. Theirs will be done before ours as it is in worse shape than ours.

                Mr. Flynn had District 2 election results to pass out showing how our percentages compared with the rest of the state/districts. (See attached)

                He mentioned that the Mayor wanted to extend the moratorium on new marijuana licenses. There are 1000+ licenses for 440 locations. More discussions will be forth coming.

                Courtney Mann asked what could be done about cars that park in the park’s cul-de-sac doing improper things. Mr. Flynn said he would report the situation to District 4 with hopefully more and faster response times.

Officer’s Reports:


President - Rob Collins was out of town on business.

Vice President - Bob Johnson was unavailable as he had taken Donna to the hospital.

Secretary - Nancy Polak read the minutes from the December 1 meeting. They were approved as read.

Treasurer – Nancy Polak reported three bills were paid with one being the application for Sabin Elementary School. The ending balance was $6587.99.

Committee Reports:

Membership – John Polak said five more household paid this last month. We now have 201 paid members.

Parks – Clorie Lovato commented things were a little frozen but all was well in the park.

Meeting was delayed as Officer Tyler Blakesley arrived. He wanted to know if our neighborhood would have any interest in setting up a neighborhood watch group. Courtney Mann volunteered. She also explained to him the problem she was seeing in the cul-de-sac. He suggested she keep calling the police.

                Rick Reed asked him to comment on the Christmas Crusade program. He explained that Officers sponsor families they see in need. The Department asks for community toy donations that they shop from to distribute appropriately. If anyone would care to donate, the deadline is this Friday, Dec. 5th and distributions will be the Monday before Christmas.

Officer Blakesley commented that he had no additional information on the homicide that was mentioned at the last Commander’s meeting.

Meeting continued with –

Safety – Rick Reed reminded us that walkways are to be cleared off 24 hours after a snowstorm and not to let your cars idle in the driveways or streets. Puffing laws are in effect.

Social – Loretta Schuh reported that 92 people will be at the Christmas party. She also has put in the first Saturday in December 2016 for next year’s party.

She asked for volunteers to judge the Christmas lighting contest. Nancy Polak asked for a motion for the cash prizes of $120.00. It was made, 2nd, and approved. The contest will take place on Friday, December 18th.

Architectural Control – Mike Schuh not present. No report.

Island / Entrance – Kay Reed thanked those who helped decorate the entryway. She was also planning to ask the tree company about the tree on the west side whose trunk is starting to split.

Village Editor – Jane Brown not present. No report.

Block Reps – None. No reports.


Old Business:

Tabled:                 The discussion of Rob Collins letter draft regarding Bob Johnson’s neighbor.

The discussion about the plaque for Jeanie Faatz.

New Business:

Nancy Polak presented an invoice for payment to Gary’s Landscaping for the removal of entryway tree for $275.00. Motion was made, 2nd, and approved for payment.



Doris Frick mentioned that the other day a home in Windsong was burglarized between 4-6 PM. The owners were gone but their garage door had been left opened.

With no further business, motion was made and 2nd that the meeting be adjourned.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Nancy Polak

Acting Secretary

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