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PVIA January 5, 2016 Public Meeting Minutes

Call to order time: 6:37 PM

  • Police officers- None present at tonight’s meeting
  • Councilman Flynn/Dana
    • The city is currently completing a study on how many new officers are needed in Denver and how many will be available
      • There are currently plans to hire 37 new officers whose pay will come out of revenue from mill levies and property taxes
      • Using the mill levies and property taxes was passed by a block vote, but Councilman Flynn mentioned it in the public meeting just because he wanted a record from City Council on where the money to pay the new officers would be coming from and how the money from the mill levies and property taxes would be spent
  • The city is also currently trying to determine how to disperse revenues from marijuana dispensaries, especially since the moratorium on licenses for new dispensaries to open in Denver will be lifted come May
  • Officers’ Reports
    • President- Rob Collins
      • Present for tonight’s meeting, but no new information
  • Vice President- Bob Johnson
    • Present but nothing to contribute
  • Secretary- open, Nancy Polak presented meeting minutes from the meeting in December
    • Approved, just needed to correct the date listed for the previous meeting
  • Treasurer- Nancy Polak
    • Paid for the neighborhood party, the bill for the storage unit, and the Excel Energy bill
    • Remaining balance: $3,555.91
  • Committee Reports
    • Membership- John Polak
      • 201 members have paid their yearly neighborhood dues so far
  • Parks- Dave and Clorinda Lovato
    • The city has been doing a good job clearing the path in the park of snow and ice
    • The dog-bag dispenser in the park has been empty for about 2 weeks, they have been stuffing it with recycled newspaper bags, but, it needs to be re-stocked with the bags designed for the dispenser in the park
    • No other major concerns
  • Safety- Rick Reed
    • He has been working with city officials to figure out how the “neighborhood watch” program is supposed to work and what it will look like, he’d like the program to be fully up and running
    • Also wants to have the police non-emergency number put in the newsletter so people can have that more readily available to report concerns that are not emergencies
  • Social- Loretta Schuh
    • Christmas party was nice, there was some left over food with a few neighbors who had RSVP’d for the party being unable to attend- left-over food could not be taken home because the hotel does not allow this when the food is served buffet-style
    • Loretta has already reserved the Holiday Inn for December 3rd for the party next year
    • The Easter Egg hunt in the park is scheduled for Saturday March 19.
  • Architectural- Mike Schuh
    • Present, but nothing to discuss
  • Island/Entrance- Kay Reed
    • The trees in the island are dying, according to the company who has trimmed the trees for us in past years
      • Not going to do anything about the trees until Spring when we can get a better idea of what needs to be done and when and how, but do need to start thinking about what to do and making a plan
  • Village Editor- Jane Brown
    • She doesn’t have anything to discuss
    • Will mention the fact that the trees in the island are dying in the newsletter
    • Will also supply the police non-emergency number in the newsletter
  • Block Reps- Nothing, just generally want to remind people to look out for their neighbors and be vigilant about any activity that seems suspicious
  • Old business
    • Working on getting the plaque installed in the park recognizing former Councilwoman Jeanie Faatz for all she did for our neighborhood and city
      • We need to decide what we want the plaque to say and then the city will get it made and have it installed for us
  • Jim Sanders’ house was broken into and some items removed from his residence between 4 and 6 pm one day last month
    • Neighbors should be aware and watch out for any suspicious activity
  • New business
    • President Rob Collins will pay the fee to keep the PVIA as a registered neighborhood organization which means we are given quite a bit of information on what is going on around the city and provides us with updates on concerning criminal activity in the area or other major concerns
  • Other business/issues/announcements
    • Some of the snow removal efforts by commercial snow-removers has resulted in snow being pushed into the street which has created some rough patches on the road for people to drive, President Rob Collins will speak to Gary about this and see if we can stop this from continuing
    • If there are other concerning spots on the roads that are just rough, or are too shaded for the sun to melt the ice, or any other concerns, neighbors can call 3-1-1 and the city will come and put sand out to help make the roads safer for driving.

Meeting Closed at 7:52 PM