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PVIA Monthly Meeting Minutes

March 8, 2016

Meeting was called to order by Vice-President Bob Johnson at 6:37 PM with 8 board members, 7 neighbors and Councilman Flynn in attendance. President Rob Collins was out of town on business.

VP Johnson had Roger Feldkamp and Christie Rewey stand and introduce themselves after he welcomed them to the meeting.

Councilman Flynn:

Councilman Flynn had several points of discussion:

He wanted everyone to pay attention to the drainage of the new installed ADA curbing and ramps throughout the neighborhood to make sure the water was draining properly   Also, if there were problems with your sprinklers, to report it to the city.

Discussing the Air BNB situation, Councilman Flynn currently was leaning toward a ‘No’ vote. He would support it if neighborhoods would be allowed to ‘Opt In’ if they wanted to. If individuals did short term rentals, they would need to have licenses and would be cited if not in compliance. They could have no signage other than a small sign in their window.

Regarding the marijuana issue, Mr. Flynn commented there were more marijuana stores than liquor stores and Starbucks. Warehouse space is being taking over by the growers with some using the proper scrubbers and ventilation systems and some are not. He would like to have all the pending applications thrown out and start over with a reapply process including Needs and Desire hearings.

Mr. Flynn also updated us on Mayor Hancock’s authorization of 150 more officers. By 2019, there should be 1570 police officers on the force.


Police Officers’ Report:

Officer Tyler Blakesley, who arrived later, commented that puffing was still happening. Also, told us to make a habit of checking our front license plates to make sure they have not been stolen. And for antitheft prevention, the department or cop shop has clubs to lend for free to lock steering wheels.

He reported at the end of March, there would be a Shot Spotter machine put in place. This would narrow down the area of were shots were fired which would give them quicker response times.

The question of neighborhood watch came up. Officer Blakesley informed us that the neighborhood would have to have 50% participation. Block captains would be trained for what to look for.

Officers’ Reports:

President - Rob Collins was out of town.

Vice President - Bob Johnson had no report.

Secretary - Nancy Polak read the minutes from the Jan. 5th meeting as there was no meeting in Feb. due to a snowstorm and school closure. Minutes were approved as read.

Treasurer - Nancy Polak reported on two months of normal expenditures of Excel Energy and island light maintenance leaving a remaining balance of $3595.62.

Committee Reports:

Membership- John Polak reported 202 households are paid up. He is getting ready to send out the billing letters. He requested $200.00 to buy envelopes and postage. A motion was made, 2nd, and approved for the purchases. He also plans to put out a new directory in June with the information he has available.

Parks - Dave Lovato reported there was a lot of dog waste visible after the snow melted. The windy days have caused a lot of trash to gather under the evergreens and along the south fence line.

Safety - Rick Reed thought it might be a good idea to have a Police Officer be a guest speaker at one of our meetings in the park to promote a Neighborhood Watch program.

Social - Loretta Schuh reminded everyone that the Easter Egg Hunt would be on Saturday, March 19th. Regarding the Christmas party, Joe from Holiday Inn was leaving and suggested a deposit of $100 to secure our date of Dec 3rd. Loretta paid it and a motion was made by John Polak to reimburse her for the expense. It was 2nd and approved.

Architectural Control - Mike Schuh reported that the weather was not currently favorable for remodeling. He plans to put information in the newsletter about digging and fences, etc.

Island / Entrance - Kay Reed reported Don from Rocky Mountain Tree will look at the one pear tree again to see what its life status is. Gary said he could cut down the tree to ground level but we’d have the stump to deal with. She thought maybe a flag pole could be put there instead of another tree.

Village Editor - Jane Brown was not in attendance so no report.

Block Reps - None present so no reports.

Old Business:

The discussion of Jeanne Faatz’s plaque was tabled until Rob Collins could give us his report.

New Business:

Nancy Polak requested $290.00 reimbursement for the nine Welcome Baskets Gwen Fuchs delivered to new neighbors. A motion was made, 2nd, and approved for reimbursement.

Bob Johnson thanked everyone for coming and adjourned the meeting at 8:28 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Nancy Polak

Acting Secretary