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April 2016 PVIA Minutes

Public Meeting

Meeting called to order by Rob Collins at 6:35.

Denver Police District 4 Commander Frisk spoke about the recent increase in crime. The largest increase is in juvenile aged persons committing theft, aggravated assault and auto theft. He also talked about the Homeless outreach team operating within our district to assist those known by the officers.

Councilman Flynn informed us about recent City Council activity pertaining to possible changes in the AirBNB regulations. He also told us about the upcoming changes to marijuana retail and grow operation.

Rob Collins thanked everyone who helped with the Easter goodie distribution. The weather worked against us but several people were able to work together to distribute 47 bags of candy. The leftover bags were donated to the Father Judy House in Fort Logan. Rob also thanked the city for their cleanup of the broken branches in the entry after the recent heavy snowfall event. He also reported that the web page is up to date.

Bob Johnson mentioned that the June meeting will be in the park due to the school being closed early this year.

The minutes of the March meeting (taken by Nancy Polak) were read and approved as read.

Nancy Polak read the Treasurers report and that there is $3078.65 in the bank.

John Polak reported that there are 202 paid members of the association.

The Lovatos reported that the port-a-potty is back in the park and that a number of trees in the park were damaged by the recent heavy snow. They also reported recent suspicious activity in the cul-de-sac near the park and asked to have additional police patrols in the area.

Loretta Schuh reminded us that the garage sale is set for the first weekend in June. She also said that the Holiday party is set for December 3 at the Holiday Inn on the Hampton frontage road. Motion made and approved to reimburse Loretta $112.14 for Easter candy.

Mike Schuh spoke about the number of broken branches from the heavy snow. He also reminded us about the “811, Call before you dig” information.

Kay Reed reported about the trees in the entry are dying and will need to be removed. She presented information from a local flag pole company as a possible addition to the island.

Jane Brown had received a phone call that the newsletter had not been distributed to the homes on south Depew had not received the newsletter since September of last year. Kay Reed has agreed to distribute the newsletter to that area. Jane had also received an email from a neighbor who expressed an interest in becoming the Secretary for the Association. (Rob Collins did send her an email)

A discussion about the location and design of the proposed plaque honoring former Councilwoman Fatzz was conducted. The bench in the rear of the park overlooking the open field was suggested as the location for the plaque. Ro Collins will get in contact with the people at the city who can help us obtain the plaque.

The subject of AirBNB’s was discussed. It was the general consensus of the neighbors in attendance that we did not like the prospect of our area becoming a “hotel zone”. Our homes are not in a commercial area.

The meeting was closed at 8:35 pm.