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May 2016 Public Meeting Minutes, PVIA

Meeting opened by Bob Johnson at 6:35 pm at Sabin Elementary School.

Officer Gaddis spoke about the problems along Federal Blvd. on the weekends with cruising and people loitering in the parking lots of businesses. Trespassing agreements are being worked on for when businesses are closed. Police presence is being increased and funding is being sought to pay officers for overtime.

Crime statistics show an increase in several types of crime in our area, largely done by juvenile offenders. A car had been stolen in the area recently.

A shot spotter system has been installed in our area. This allows police to locate the source of gunfire within about 20 feet. This is a great tool for law enforcement to help narrow down a search area in the event of a shooting.

Councilman Flynn informed us of a number of issues currently being addressed by the council.

  • Grow houses are being looked at more closely for odor violations and license renewals. New ordinances will effect existing businesses.
  • Use of gray water is being looked at for some areas.
  • Waste water fees are going to be increased to fund retention ponds for areas that are prone to flooding.
  • $2000 has been contributed to help cover the costs of the Municipal Band in District 2.
  • Rain barrel law has been approved allowing resident’s to capture runoff for use in their gardens.
  • Native Roots has purchased the Bank and Westwood College buildings. They applied for a license to open operations but were denied due to deed restrictions, proximity to schools and other businesses and the monopoly they have / want on the market. They are appealing the decision. Denver currently has 50% of all the licenses in the state.

Treasurer report was presented was presented. A deposit for the Holiday party at the Holiday Inn and reimbursement for Easter candy were approved.

The membership chairman has sent out the letter for this year’s dues collection.

No report was given by the Parks and Safety committees.

The social committee announced the annual garage sale will be on June 3 and 4. Pinehurst will split the cost of the ad in the newspaper.

Architectural committee has asked the councilman’s office for help with zoning about sheds in the neighborhood.

The island committee brought up the condition of the trees in the entrance. They are rotting and dying from within and have suffered severe damage during the recent heavy snow storms. They present a safety hazard and need to be removed before we have an accident caused by falling branches. Kay is getting a couple of estimates for removal. The city has done some cleanup of fallen branches but the trees are our responsibility. Rob has contacted the councilman’s office for help from the forestry division of the city for recommendations for replacements. Bob Johnson has also been in contact with some people from the city.

Old business discussed was centered around the trees in the entrance and possible action on getting them replaced.

The plaque for Jeanie Faatz was discussed. The location at the bench in the center of the park overlooking the open field is the most likely spot to place the plaque. Rob is working on the wording and getting the plaque made. The city will help us get it installed.

The absent secretary position on the board was discussed. There was an interested party but there has been no one has been present at a meeting to know how much interest there really was.

New business dealt with a request from Carla Peters to plant a tree in memory of a lost baby and the loss of her mother. Discussion brought up the possibility of setting a precedent for this type of thing.

Meeting was closed at 7:48.