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June 2016 Public Meeting Minutes, PVIA

Meeting in the park was moved to John and Nancy Pollack’s house due to rain. Meeting was opened by Bob Johnson at 6:49pm.

Police Officer shared crime statistic comparison for April-May. Some infractions had risen, some had fallen in our area. He invited anyone interested to attend the Commander’s Advisory Meeting tomorrow night and then opened for questions.

Resident, Jeff Cremers mentioned an ongoing problem with nearby (3730 S Ames) rental residents frequently driving loud motorized scooters at high speeds up and down the streets of the neighborhood. He stated police have responded to calls multiple times but the behavior continues. Bob Johnson mentioned that a call has been placed to the owners of the residence but that there has been no response from Mr Barnett. Police Officer took information and will look into the problem.

Officer mentioned that for the 4th of July and the days preceding it there will be police cars specifically dedicated to fireworks calls so do not hesitate to make the call. He then clarified that in illegal firework is something that leaves the ground or explodes.

Councilman, Kevin Flynn mentioned that a homeowner from our neighborhood came into his office to discuss a problem with exiting our neighborhood in the mornings due to an increase in the number of cars making U-turns on Sheridan at Lehigh. After discussion about others noting the same as probable contributing factors, Mr Flynn noted that he will be making recommendations related to the L turn light and lanes for handling the traffic for the high school that should address the problem.

Mr Flynn then told of an issue in which the City Administration has proposed an increase in our waste water fees to be spread over 5 years with a 10-11% increase per year for a total of 66%. He then discussed plans for projects related to flooding in the Park Hill and Montclair neighborhoods and the I-70 project that CDOT and the City had agreed to fund with $134 million. However he stated that this project has grown massively as they have decided to lump together multiple other projects raising the total expected cost to $298 million. Mr Flynn noted that there have been multiple discussions regarding this and the final vote will be Monday. Though he plans to continue to vote ‘no’, he expects it to pass. He also mentioned that the waste water fee proposed increase will likely pass as well and that he has tried to add a credit for those using rain barrels that will probably not happen.

Next he told of the ongoing discussions related to “Air B&B’s” with an expectation that it will pass without requiring a ‘home occupation permit” or approval from individual HOAs. There will be a license required and a ‘hotel tax’ to be collected.

Mr Flynn mentioned that he is also working on amendments to the city’s Ethics Codes including adding dollar amount limits to gifts received. Then he referenced four City Initiatives that are currently being circulated to collect signatures related to designating $8million to match local election campaign funding.

At 7:55 Minutes from the May meeting were read and approved as read. The treasures report was then read. Membership Chairman stated that dues payments have been coming in with 100+ having been received so far.

Parks Committee stated ongoing problems with couples parking in the park’s cul-de-sac and leaving behind various “lovemaking” paraphernalia. Concern over the anticipated trash problems following the 4th of July celebrations was mentioned and discussed. Kevin Flynn will ask the Parks to provide additional disposable trash cans for that time. Katrina Reed mentioned the possibility of having roving designated volunteers as a reminder for people using the park. Though it was noted that it would probably be effective it was also noted that the board members would be the likely candidates for that job and that they are already giving a lot of time to the smooth functioning of the neighborhood and would likely be busy with their own family functions at that time.

Safety Chairman, Rick Reed, suggested placing a sign in the cul-de-sac reading: “under video surveillance” and the possible placement of a ‘phoney’ camera. All present thought it was aq good idea and Bob Johnson and Rick Reed will work together to provide the same. Rick mentioned that he recently went through the CERT training program and would therefore be more equipped to help in a disaster situation.

Social Chair mentioned the neighborhood garage sales and the fact that next year we would probably not list them in the Denver Post due to the rising cost of doing so and the increased general use of electronic technology for information.

Bob Johnson mentioned he has been working on and would like to present a survey to determine resident interests and possibly generate additional involvement. Katrina stated that the survey should also be available for online response through the website.

Architectural Chair mentioned a homeowner that is redoing his front yard and another who is planning on having his sidewalk levelled with a “mud-jacking” type of fix.

Island Chair mentioned the excellent deal she obtained on the second bid for tree removal and the fact that it had been done with a return for stump removal yet to be scheduled. She will be researching for recommendations on replacements. She has also planted the Globe tree and the bird feeder.

Jane Brown is home sick and there was nothing to report from block reps.

Old Business: trees- research and input will be continued; potential secretary- Bob has not had the opportunity to talk with her yet; plaque for Jeanne Faatz in park- in progress.

New Business: Nancy Pollack presented bills for dog bags, Gary’s tree branch removal, island flowers, garage sale sign, and storage unit rent. Motion was made to approve payment collectively, was seconded and payment approval passed.

Bob Johnson mentioned the ongoing health problems of his wife and his need to spend more time with her but that he will continue to do what he can for the board and association.

Dave Lovato mentioned the need to get more new people involved. Some discussion of topic ensued. Mike Schuh suggested putting another request in the newsletter containing additional information on the need. Bob Johnson mentioned that he hoped the survey he is working on might also help.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:42pm.