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Minutes of August 2, 2016 meeting held in Pinecrest Village Park.
Meeting opened by President Rob Collins at 6:40.


No Police officers were present.


Councilman Kevin Flynn was not present. It was brought up by the members present that we should request that the Councilman limit his comments to no more than 15 minutes during the meetings.
Rob Collins reported on his activities on behalf of the Association during the last 2 months.
He attended the July community Commanders meeting at the District 4 police station. Most of the discussion was about the homeless population and issues related to that group of citizens.
He received an email from Bill Uebelher, a former resident and Board member. Bill shared some of his observations about the condition of the island and the strip of ground along South Sheridan. Some discussion about the Association paying to have the area sprayed by a professional company ensued. The question of liability was mentioned. A number of comments and discussion ensued pertaining to the options the Board may have in addressing the issue.


Bob Johnson raised several questions.


The barking dog that resides at the corner of Lehigh and Fenton Street. Complaints have gone ignored by the owner.


Bob would like to develop a survey to be distributed to all residents. He wants to hear from people about what they would like to see in the neighborhood as far as activities, projects, etc. for improving the feeling of community.


He also expressed a concern about the renters in the house at the corner of Lehigh and Eaton Street.


Minutes from the June meeting were read and approved as read.


Nancy Polak presented the financial report. It was approved as read.


John Polak reported that there are 171 members paid. The second reminder letter is ready to be mailed. He asked for money for postage. It was approved by unanimous vote.


Dave and Clorinda Lovato reported that the pet waste bags are not being resupplied and a regular basis. They have seen a number of people not picking up after their pets while walking along the streets and in the park.


Rick Reed commented on the cars parking in the cul-de-sac at the end of Chase Street. Courtney Mann also reported on some observed activities in the area.


Kay Reed reported that the globe bush at the north corner of the entrance was replaced with the help of a neighbor. She also has arranged for the stumps in the island will be ground up in the near future. We are also asking the city forester for assistance in replacing the trees.


Loretta Schuh reported that the holiday party is set to be held at the Holiday Inn in Lakewood on Saturday, December 3. The menu and complete detail will be discussed at the October and November meetings.
Mike Schuh reported that there have been reports of roofing scams being conducted in the area and advised resident to be aware of anyone coming to your door offering services or free inspections.


Jane Brown had nothing to report and no Block reps were present.


Old business discussed was:

The replacement of the trees and the water situation in the island at the entrance to the neighborhood from Sheridan Blvd. Daniel Brannan has offer to help with the water issue and we are in touch with the city about how, what, when, where and which trees are best for the location.
Rob is waiting to hear from the city about the plaque to honor Councilwoman Faatz. We have decided that the bench in the back area overlooking the open are of the park would be the best location.
Councilman Flynn arrived late to the meeting, He pointed out that it was National Night Out and that he was coming from another observation of the occasion. He reported that the 2017 City budget was being finalized and that the Mayor and the Council have set a goal and funding for 100 new police officers.


Rob Collins presented a flyer about the paint recycling event on August 27th at South High school. The meeting closed at 8:15.