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PVIA Monthly Meeting Minutes
September 6, 2016

In Attendance: Rob Collins, Bob Johnson, John and Nancy Polak, Jane Brown, Kay Reed, Mike and Loretta Schuh, Dave and Clorinda Lovato, and Courtney Mann. There were nine board members present, so quorum was met.

Meeting was called to order at 6:36 PM by Nancy Polak as Rob Collins was on his way to the meeting from the airport.

Police Officer’s Report:

Floor was turned over to Community Resource Officer Nate Beiriger. He reported with regards to the crime statistics there was nothing to call our attention to other than things being taken out of cars. Courtney Mann thanked him and was appreciative of their presence in the neighborhood. Clorinda Lovato made him aware of a neighbor’s opened garage door where some bikes were taken and Dave Lovato brought up the speeding cars on Lehigh. Officer Beiriger left us with a request for us to help prevent ‘crimes of opportunity’.

Councilman Flynn:

Councilman Kevin Flynn reported on several issues:

  1. Mayor will be adding additional staffing of 100 more officers with District 4 getting 7 of the new officers.
  2. The red light cameras are up for contract renewal. He will vote ‘NO’ unless the yellow timing is lengthened.
  3. Affordable housing is continuing to be developed.
  4. He has as a petition to sign requesting an evening meeting as opposed to the scheduled daytime meeting for the hearing regarding Native Roots. Native Roots want to open a medical outlet and a retail store in the old Westwood College building. All of Pinecrest Village east of Fenton Way is in the petition zone.

Bob Johnson asked why trash pickup and street sweeping is done on the same day and voiced his concern of the cars parked in yards north of Evans on Sheridan.

Officer’s Reports:

President: Rob Collins reported he is trying to get caught up on all his e-mails regarding:

  1. Bill Uebelher’s email about the entryway and island
  2. Denver’s forestry person about the trees in the island and
  3. Jeanne Faatz’s plaque

Vice President: Bob Johnson just added his concern about the young men living at Eaton and Lehigh in what is to be a single family home. Also, the rat problem in the neighborhood was discussed. Several have been caught by different neighbors.

Secretary: Rob didn’t have any minutes for the August meeting. He will have them next month. Treasurer: Nancy Polak reported the balance of $9092.86 as of August 31, 2016.

Committee Reports:

Membership: John Polak stated that 197 households have paid. His second mailing brought in 23 more payments.

Social: Loretta Schuh reported the Christmas party will be Saturday, Dec 3, at 6 PM with the food set out at 6:45 PM. She’s planning an improved buffet that will be $3.00 more a person. No minimum for the cash bar. Music is not available, so we’ll have to bring our own. Questioned rather we should increase the ticket price to $10.00 a person. It was decided that since the dues had been increased the Association would pick up the difference.

Architectural Control: Mike Schuh reported:

1) The neighbors on 3810 S Fenton want to enlarge their driveway for their trailer and they are working with their

neighbors. Surveys will be taken and the cement will be over utility gas lines. So far, it’s friendly.

  1. The neighbors at 3803 S Chase St. will try and keep their dog from barking all day now that they are aware of the problem.
  2. Some yards are looking distressed, some houses are in need of paint, and several dead trees are around. He is hoping homeowners will rectify these problems.
  3. The family at 3807 S Chase is waiting for the contractors to give them the okay to move back in.

Parks: Dave Lovato thought a different system to hold dog poop bags might work better. The neighbors themselves could supply the bags and the containers would be supplied continuously.

Island / Entrance: Kay Reed informed us the stumps have not yet been removed, but she will call again on it. The tree people told her their inventory was low and it would be better to plant in the spring anyway. Estimated cost was $600 to $800 for the two trees. She missed the Forestry person’s email but will check back with them. Regarding the feedback from the newsletter suggestions, someone said a flag pole might be nice.

Village Editor: Jane Brown had nothing to report.

Old Business:

Rob Collins will be working on unfinished PVIA business.

New Business:

Someone reported that Jim Sanders fell.

Being no further business, meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Nancy Polak

Acting Secretary