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PVIA Monthly Meeting Minutes
October 4, 2016

In Attendance: Bob Johnson, Nancy Polak, Dave Lovato, Mike and Loretta Schuh, Kay Reed, Rick Reed and Doris Frick. There were seven board members present, so a quorum was met.

Meeting was called to order at 6:34 by Vice President Bob Johnson, as President Rob Collins was out of town.

Police Officer’s Report:

Community Resource Officer Nate Bieringer reported, as a whole crime, rate is up with violent crime down by 11% and property crime up by 54%, but District 4 has seen a decrease. Was asked about the Shot Spotters and he reported they were in place and are very successful. They can locate the location of the shot within 10-15 feet and sometimes they find shell casings which can be traced to other crimes.

Councilman Flynn:

Councilman Flynn reported that:

  1. There has been a surge of street racing along Federal and Louisiana. He hopes to get the stop-light timing changed to interfere with their racing.
  2. Officers are getting pulled from their home districts to work downtown due to staff shortages.
  3. Petitions regarding Native Roots’ request for a medical outlet and a retail store have been circulating the different neighborhoods. He requested that the PVIA board take a vote and write a letter to opposing both the medical and the retail options. There has been no date set for the hearing but it will be an evening meeting.
  4. The red light camera contract was renewed. He voted “No” as they did not lengthen the yellow light timing.
  5. There has been an increase with homeless people in the parks and along Bear Creek. We are to call the non-emergency phone number to help get them into helpful services.

Bob Johnson asked about the ill-fitting manhole cover along Sheridan. Dana Montano said she would check into it.

Officer’s Reports:

President: Rob Collins not in attendance.

Vice President: Bob Johnson informed us that his survey is done. He would like a short board meeting to review it.

Secretary: The minutes of August 2016 and September 2016 meetings were read. They were approved after corrections were made.

Treasurer: Nancy Polak reported we have $8,759.50 as of September 30, 2016.

Committee Reports:

Membership: John Polak was not in attendance but sent a report stating 200 residents have paid.

Parks: Dave Lovato reported the park was in good shape. The kids playing soccer pick up after themselves.

Safety: Rick Reed reported on the rat problem and that his neighbor’s dog caught several. Also, informed us the Ford F350 trucks are being stolen in record numbers. He went on a Ride-along with a DPD officer but was an uneventful evening as the officer wasn’t going to any extremes since his vacation started the following week.

Social: Loretta Schuh went over the Christmas party menu and what she was upgrading. A motion was made that the cost for the Christmas Party would be $8.00 per person or $15.00 per family with the PVIA paying the difference. Motion was 2nd and carried.

Architectural Control: Mike Schuh had nothing to report and referred to the article in the newsletter about houses in need of paint.

Island/Entrance: Kay Reed informed us the city picked the PVIA to receive two free trees of the same size which they intend to plant this fall. They’ll also look into the watering situation for us. According to Kay, Daniel Brannan knows where the valve is for the island and who to talk to in the parks department.

Village Editor: Jane Brown was not in attendance.
Block Reps: None Present

Old Business:

Discussion tabled on the plaque for Jeanne Faatz and Dana Montano until Rob Collins gets more information.

New Business:

Nancy Polak asked for a motion to pay $1,762.00 for the Officer and Director’s Insurance. Kay Reed made the motion

and it was 2nd by Loretta Schuh and was carried.

Nomination for Officers will be held next month.

Bob Johnson commented on the survey he had been working on. He would like to see it be mailed to every resident but he would like the board’s input on it.

Mike Schuh asked if the property that would have the ten homes built on it, was in our association. It is not.

It was mentioned that 3700 S Harlan was for sale which includes the house and the lot next to it.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:04 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Nancy Polak

Acting Secretary