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Minutes of PVIA Public Meeting

November 1, 2016

Meeting called to order at 1835 by President Rob Collins.

Meeting attended by Nancy Polack, Mike and Loretta Schuh, Bob Johnson, Jane Brown, and Rick Reed.

Officer Nate Beiriger reported that there have been 2 reported cases of license plate theft and a number of call outs (responses to calls for officers where no report was written) to the neighborhood for suspicious vehicle activity and complaints about possible illegal activity.

He also responded to questions about marijuana growing laws and police responses to various related situations.

Councilman Flynn and Dana Montano were not present.

Rob Collins and Bob Johnson had no reports.

Rob Collins read the minutes of the October meeting. They were approved as read.

Nancy Polak reported that there is $9106.90 in the bank.

Nancy Polak reported for John Polak that there are 202 properties that have paid the annual dues.

Rick Reed had no Safety committee report.

Rick Reed gave a report for Kay Reed on the Island and Entrance. The City has given us and installed 2 new trees in the island. They will be out soon to wrap the tees trunks to protect them through the winter. The water line valve to the island has been located and will be activated in the spring.

Decoration of the island and entrance will take place at 1:00 pm on Saturday, November 26th. Everyone is invited to join in the activity.

Mike Schuh had no Architectural committee report.

Loretta Schuh reported on the Holiday party. Tickets are on sale.

Jane Brown had no report for the newsletter.

Old business consisted of discussion on the petitions opposing the application by Native Roots for a retail marijuana store in Bear Valley. The public hearing on the application is set for 6:00 pm on December 6 at the Webb Building in downtown Denver.

The annual Leaf Drop is set for Saturdays and Sundays from 11 to 3 from November 5th to the 20th at Kennedy High School.

New business was the nomination of Officers.

Loretta Schuh declined to be nominated for the Social Committee chairperson.

Dave and Clorie Lavato were not present so it is undetermined whether or not they are interested in the Park committee position.

The current slate of officers with the exception of the vacant Secretary position, the now vacant Social committee chair position and the Parks position were all nominated and seconded.

The nominations are still open until the voting at the next meeting.

Motion made to adjurn. Motion passed.

Meeting closed at 1930.

The Board then help an executive meeting to discuss other issues.