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PVIA Monthly Meeting Minutes
December 6, 2016

In Attendance: Bob Johnson, John and Nancy Polak, Mike and Loretta Schuh, Rick Reed, Courtney Mann and Cara Meeker.

Meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm by Vice President Bob Johnson.

Police Office’s Report: Officer Nate Beiriger was not present.

Councilman Flynn was attending the public hearing regarding Native Root’s application for medical and retail marijuana licenses.

Officer’s Reports:
President: Rob Collins was not in attendance as he too was attending the Native Root’s hearing.

Vice President: Bob Johnson reported he had received 35 surveys and the majority of residents were happy with the HOA. Some were not. He suggested to Rob Collins that we should have a meeting to address the issues for the newsletter.

Secretary: Bob Johnson read the minutes from the November 1st meeting and the Nov 15th’s special survey meeting at I-Hop. Both were approved with an update on the date of the Christmas Lighting contest. (It was scheduled for Saturday, Dec 17th but the newsletter had printed Friday, Dec. 16th.)

Treasurer: Nancy Polak reported the D & O’s insurance was paid along with several other small bills leaving a balance of $7032.59.

Committee Reports:
Membership: John Polak reported 203 households have paid.

Parks: Lovato’s were not present so no report.

Safety: Rick Reed had attended a Commanders meeting and learned there will be ‘No Tolerance’ this year on puffing cars. Also said District 4 has had problems with cars being stolen at a rate of about 2 cars a day.

Courtney Mann informed us that a neighbor on Lehigh across from the park was robbed in broad daylight. Pointed out we should lock up our valuables.

Social: Loretta Schuh asked everyone if they enjoyed the Christmas Party. Everyone confirmed they had a good time. Also, asked for Christmas Lighting contest judges. Courtney Mann volunteered herself, her husband and neighbors.

Architectural Control: Mike Schuh stated he didn’t have much to report. He had not heard anything on the Harlan property which had sold.

Island / Entrance: Kay Reed was not in attendance - no report.

Village Editor: Jane Brown was not in attendance – no report.

Old Business:
Bob Johnson went over the agenda list of:
Native Roots meeting was taking place tonight at our same time.
The manhole cover on Sheridan Blvd. still had not been fixed.
The plaque for Jeanne Faatz is still tabled until City gets back to Rob.

New Business:
Courtney Mann volunteered to take over Loretta’s job as Social person for 2017. She would continue Loretta’s agenda of activities with maybe adding additional summer activities such as a Movie in the Park night. Bob suggested having the Breakfast in the Park once again. Motion was made to accept Courtney as our new Social person. It was 2nd and approved.

Had discussion with Cara Meeker regarding the secretary’s job, web page and keeping it up to date. She was nominated and approved for the Secretary position.

The board position of Parks is still open. The board is very appreciative of the hard and dedicated work of Dave and Clorinda Lovato.

A meeting to discuss the survey results was set up for Tuesday, Dec 27th at Courtney Mann’s home at 6:30 pm. Decisions would be made on how to address the concerns of the residents and if they would be published in the newsletter.

Being no further business, meeting was adjourned at 7:32 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Nancy Polak
Acting Secretary