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February 7, 2017 MEETING MINUTES

CALL TO ORDER 6:35 p.m.

POLICE OFFICER Nate Beiriger, Community liaison.

  1. Reminded  community members to use porch and other lights for safety
  2. 11 Robberies; 14 cars vandalized, 13 stolen in 2016
  3. Social media presence for police will be on and no longer on FB page


  1. Big thanks to the supporters of preventing marijuana business from being      granted permit to occupy Bear Valley site. Permit was denied officially 2/1/17. Councilman is now looking for “prohibited use” business (daycare, etc.) to prevent future applications
  2. Announcement about Hancock’s upcoming community meeting at Henry Middle School.
  3. Rezoning for development on S. Sheridan, will become a Starbucks.
  4. Walmart  is closing, Councilman is looking for fast replacement, hopefully retailer
  5. Free steering wheel clubs and pistol locks available at Cop Shop


PRESIDENT, RobCollins – nothing to report

VP, Bob Johnson – Called Mark Lindel to discuss uncollected dues on homes sold, Lindel denies responsibility. Need to look into adding statement to status letter to mortgage companies

SECRETARY, Cara Meeker – January 10 proposed minutes read and approved with one amendment.                      

TREASURER, Nancy Polak            BILLS PAID (see worksheet). BALANCE $3586.60


MEMBERSHIP, John Polak. New directory has been printed and distributed. $649 cost from Office Depot, John feels that the price has increased too much; perhaps time to look into new business for printing services in the future.

PARKS, Katrina Reed. Katrina is walking the park once a week, everything looks good. Denver parks added bark mulch to trees. Denver Parks has added 4 new trees on the east path and 1 new one by Lehigh (replaces broken tree) and put bark around them as well as all the other trees.

SAFETY, Rick Reed. Not present. Sent report with Katrina that they attended the police brunch and provided updates for upcoming CERT training and emergency preparedness.

SOCIAL, Courtney Mann. Not present.

ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL, Mike Schuh. Nothing to report.

ISLAND/ENTRANCE, Kay Reed. Nothing to report.

VILLAGE EDITOR, Jane Brown. Would like to receive Councilman’s reports prior to meeting/monthly newsletter so she can gather material for newsletter. Rob and Jane will ask Councilman and his assistant for more info.

BLOCK REPS – None present.



  1. John and Nancy purchased doggie bags for the park, 8000 count.
  2. Bob would like to continue to address issues brought up in the 2016 survey.
  3. Gravel along Sheridan – would likely be cost-prohibitive and ineffective. Will not pursue this at this time.
  4. Matter of purchasing a new computer for the Membership committee was tabled for now.
  5. Cara reached out through email to individuals that expressed interest in volunteering. No replies as of meeting date.


Discussion regarding the PVIA newsletter:

  1. Should we include email addresses in the newsletter?
  2. Can Jane Brown approve story submissions to the newsletter?
  3. Protocol  for PVIA action if someone in the neighborhood passes away. Announcement?  Card?
  4. Need to remind block reps not to put newsletter in mailboxes. Put out a call for new reps.

Discussion regarding te PVIA survey results:

  1. Communicating to neighborhood about compliance -- “Shared community interests” vs.      “covenant enforcement” (also – is it time to update covenants to bring in line with city/stathe ordinances?)
  2. Would like to share direct quotes from the survey with the community in the      newsletter and let people know that many survey requests can only be done      with more volunteers.
  3. The board must continue to act on the issues brought up in the survey. We want to show the community that we are listening and acting on their behalf
  4. Broad discussion about how to address various issues (trash cans, parked cars, dumpster rental, etc.). Motion made and approved to assign Cara Meeker to head up survey response ideas for the board to discuss in between meetings in time to add material to the PVIA newsletter.


Rob Collins reported that he received an email about the deteriorating state of the PV/Bear Valley condo perimeter fencing. Rob will look into what can be done and to whom the financial responsibilities fall.


Respectfully Submitted,

Cara Meeker, Secretary

March 6, 2017