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Meeting called to order by President Rob Collins at 6:30 pm.

A representative from the Police department was not present.

Council aide Dana Montano from Councilman Flynn’s office told us that there are a supply of anti-theft devices available at the Bear Valley Cop Shop for owners of Honda cars and Ford F 250 pickup trucks. These particular vehicles are being targeted by thieves recently.

She also stated that there is a need for volunteers to help out at the Cop Shop. Anyone interested will have to be fingerprinted and a complete background check done. More information can be obtained by contacting Dana at the office.

Minutes from the March 7 meeting were read. Two amendments were made (the alternate date for the Easter Egg hunt of April 22 and that the replacement of the transformer for the island lighting was purchased and replaced by John Polak). A motion was made to reimburse John $75.53 for the cost of the transformer. The minutes were then approved as amended.

Treasurer Nancy Polak reported that there was a balance of $2551.05 in the bank.

Membership chair John Polak asked for approval to purchase envelopes, labels and stamps for use in the annual dues collection effort. Motion made and seconded to purchase the needed items. John also talked about the status letter requests he receives from realtor’s and mortgage companies. The possibility of getting liens and recovering the costs of these activities was mentioned by Courtney Mann.

Parks chair Katrina Reed was not present.

Safety chair Rick Reed announced that a Citizens Academy for residents will begin on May 2 and be held for 9 weeks at District 1 station.