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JANUARY 9, 2018

Call To Order 6:30 P.M.


Councilman’s Office Report – Dana

  • Both the main bidder and the back-up bid for the empty Walmart location are no longer in the running. Owners are back to looking for a tenant, are keeping up the maintenance in the meantime.
  • Vasa Fitness is doing really well after the opening
  • New kava bar in the same lot as Vasa Fitness, will be 18+

Police Community Resource Officer Alexis

  • Crime up in the district 22% from this month last year, spike in auto theft. Any model older than 2004 is eligible for free lock program the district is offering
  • 1st homicide of 2018 happened at 24 S Hazel Ct
  • Discussion among the group about Denver’s homeless population. Officer Alexis mentioned the new free housing at Sanderson Gulch; homeless population is growing

December 2017 Meeting Minutes. Motion made to approve, 2nded, and approved

PVIA Officer Reports:

  • President
    • New board meeting location in the Sabin Elementary community room. Will keep auditorium as back up. Need to let district contact know so we are covered.
  • Vice Presidentnone
  • Secretary – open position
  • Treasurer –
    • Bills Paid:
      • Holiday Party venue
      • Lighting Contest Winner Prizes
      • Storage Facility 6 months
      • Xcel Energy - monthly


Committee Chair Reports

  • Membership – none
  • Parks – none
  • Safety – open position
  • Social – none
  • Architectural Control – Mike reminded us that Spring projects are coming up and it might be a good time to remind neighbors to contact him if they have projects in the works
  • Village Editor Newsletter – none
  • Island Care – open position

Old Business

  • Holiday Light Contest Recap
    • Great year, good participation, Katrina has signs back from winners and ready to return to storage
  • Island Holiday Decorations
    • Removal of island decorations set for Saturday Jan 13th
    • Might be time to freshen up holiday décor. Everyone be on the lookout

New Business

  • Open board positions and Officer appointments
    • Randy Verble was nominated for Secretary and Roger Feldkamp was nominated for Safety Chair. A secret vote was held and both individuals were elected as follows:
      • Randy, 5 yes votes, 3 no votes
      • Roger, 8 yes votes, 0 no votes
    • 2018 Planning
      • Budget
        • Nancy provided a report of the 2017 expenses as well as the 3-year average for neighborhood expenses. Cara asked that everyone review the information and be ready to discuss and finalize a 2018 budget at the February meeting.
      • Social Calendar
        • Courtney led a discussion on the event calendar for 2018, including introducing potential new events (adult-only events, movie nights, neighborhood parade, turkey trot, etc.). Will finalize a calendar at the following meeting along with budget talks.
      • Special Projects
        • Cara brought up that the board could focus on a couple of special projects for the year, i.e. the upkeep of properties that back up to Sheridan.

Other Business /Issues/Announcements

  • Island Care Chair position will remain open, everyone should be on the lookout for volunteers. Lack of water to the island and entrance remains an issue that does not have a solution. The city will have to do their part.
  • Mike brought up using the PVIA website as a place to add news/announcements from Councilman Flynn’s office
  • Board discussed ideas for keeping meetings short and done by 8 p.m.

Meeting Adjourned 8:10 p.m.