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PVIA Board Meeting Minutes

FEBRUARY 6, 2018


Councilman’s Office Report

  • Denveright is updating the overall blueprint for the city of Denver. Pinecrest Village residents are invited to attend a workshop to hear and provide input on upcoming Blueprint Denver strategies for creating complete neighborhoods. Details:

Date:                    March 1, 2018

Time:                    6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Location:             All Saints Parish Hall

                              2559 S. Federal Blvd.


o   Loretto Heights, along with SW Denver is shifting from an area of stability to one of change

o   There is hope that the new VASA health club will bring stability to the old Target Plaza area

  • City and State are considering a bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics

o   Promotional program is called “Sharing the Gold”

o   Katrina Reed volunteered to represent PVIA in 2 exploratory meetings and summarized details from a slide show presenting what was deemed favorable reasons for hosting this event

o   Online meeting for the public at-large to be held on February 24th from 9-10 a.m. at

o   Our Councilman is currently not in favor of a bid based upon the information made available at this time

  • Catelus, the buyer of the Loretto Heights campus, will be hosting neighborhood meetings to take input from area residents on their ideas of new development for this location
  • Our Councilman is again interested in coordinating another Colorado Symphony concert group event for residents of Pinecrest Village. Residents are encouraged to contact the Councilman’s office to suggest concerts they would be interested in attending
  • Bear Valley Association will be visiting “The Source” (the old foundry in Denver), the Denver Public Market, for the potential of creating something similar in the old Walmart grocery near Bear Valley Plaza

January 2018 Meeting Minutes:  Motion made to approve, 2nded and approved


PVIA Officer Reports

  • President

o   Transition of names on the PVIA’s bank accounts was completed

o   Training for the new Board Secretary was completed

  • Vice President

o   PVIA’s V.P. completed certification training through the City of Denver for providing aid in case of a local disaster and to provide assistance with emergency shelter

  • Secretary – None
  • Treasurer

o   Island spotlight was purchased

o   Current Account Balance:  $3,800.61

Committee Chair Reports

  • Membership – None
  • Parks – None
  • Safety

o   Consider adding information regarding open burning and snow removal to the Newsletter

o   Keep an eye out to for neighbors who may need assistance with snow removal

o   Concern was raised over automobiles trying to stop and continue at the Lehigh/Chase intersection when the road is icy. Safety Chair will reach out to the District 2 Councilman’s office to see what the city’s stance is on how to reduce the risk of accidents at this intersection

  • Social

o   Planning for Easter Egg Hunt in progress along with choosing an alternate date in case of bad weather

o   Ideas and suggestions are being solicited for an “adult only” neighborhood event.

o   Need to contact the Councilman's office to help set a date for the brass band musicians for Summer “Music in the Park”

  • Architectural Control

o   Importance of contacting this committee with proposals for outdoor projects and obtaining city permits for projects like new fencing, building of sheds, etc. was stressed Chair to write an article covering this topic for inclusion in the March or April Newsletter

o   Would like to have another event featuring a representative from O’Tooles on yard maintenance, gardening, etc.

  • Village Editor Newsletter – None
  • Island Care – Open Position

Old Business

  • Computer research

o   Acer laptop was purchased for $548.98 to help with maintenance of HOA membership and dues records. Motion made, 2nded and approved to reimburse John Polak for its purchase

  • Proposed 2018 Budget

o   Question raised as to why it is necessary to adopt a formal budget

  • Holds the Board accountable for spending the Community’s money
  • Helps to prevent spending too much too early in the year
  • Helps to identify areas where money can be saved

o   A proposed budget for 2018 was distributed by the Board President to attendees with solicitation for questions about, additions and deletions of specific line items

o   Specific budget items discussed:

  • Ideas for changing ticket price of holiday party, no final decision at this time
  • Storage Unit cost is higher for PVIA than the other tenants at the current facility. Motion made, 2nded and approved to explore moving to another unit within the same facility to reduce annual cost. Discussion held on the need for such a large unit. Current size needed to house the large tent owned by PVIA. Tent has not been used in many years. Discussion held about setting it up to check its condition prior to deciding whether to keep it, sell it or dispose of it
  • Need to purchase more doggie bags for the dispensers. Motion made, 2nded and approved to purchase 20,000 bags at a cost of $400
  • Further research needed regarding cost estimates for Easter event, cookout in the park, and other possible social events for 2018


o   Water to the Village Entry Central Island

  • Discussion held regarding problems getting water to keep plants alive in the island.
  • Need to determine an annual budget amount to spend for island maintenance and repair
  • Mike Schuh volunteered to investigate and report back to the Board at the March meeting

o   Due to the need for more time to discuss the proposed budget and considering the time of the evening, this item was tabled until the March meeting.

Meeting Adjourned – 8:05 p.m.




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