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PVIA Board Meeting Minutes

March 7, 2018

Call to Order 6:35 P.M.

Councilman’s Office Report

  • General comments about the Mayor
  • S. Sheridan commercial study

o   Recommendations for experiential retail for the old Target Plaza

o   Blue Print Denver – considering “granny units” or ADU units within the master plan

  • Loretto Heights

o   Extension taken on response to public proposals

  • March 8th is next meeting for discussion on whether to apply for Olympic bid. Comments shared by PVIA Vice President on her involvement in surveying people from District 2 as a member of Committee.

Police Report (Alexis)

  • Has been a spike in the theft of vehicle license plates
  • Current work being done on a newsletter for District 2
  • Next commanders’ meeting scheduled for March 14th

February 2018 Meeting Minutes:  Motion made, 2nded and approved

PVIA Officer Reports

  • President

o   Appreciation extended to the Board for moving the meeting to March 7th to accommodate the March 6th caucuses

o   Discussions for the change of any future meetings will be conducted in person to avoid confusion

o   Will try to obtain the 2020 caucus schedule in advance

o   Final “official” email list to be distributed to all Board members

  • Vice President – None
  • Secretary – None
  • Treasurer

o   $120 in HOA dues were received during the past month

o   Received a $360 refund from the owner of the storage units by moving our storage items to a different unit within the complex. This also brings a reduction for the regular rental cost of the unit.


o   Disbursements for February:

  • $  548.98 – Laptop Computer
  • $  429.99 – Doggie Bags
  • $  202.03 – Storage Unit Rent
  • $ 2.00 – Bank Activity Fee
  • $ 20.75 – Xcel Energy
  • $1,203.75 – Total Disbursements

o   Balance in Checking and Savings Accounts Combined - $3,076.88

Committee Chair Reports

  • Membership – None
  • Parks

o   Doggie Bags have been replenished

  • Safety – None
  • Social

o   The Brass Band from last year has been scheduled for August 11th, concert time is still pending

o   Potential group pricing for a “Mozart” concert on May 12th  , maybe even consider a “John Denver” concert

o   Easter Egg Hunt to be held on March 31st, with an inclement weather contingency for April 7th

  • Architectural Control

o   No response from the City as of yet regarding water for the entry island

o   Water line for the entry island will be tested when Spring arrives

o   Reminder for the need of building permits for various types of outdoor projects like roofs, fencing, decks, etc.

o   Contractors are able to obtain quick permits via the City of Denver website. Individual residents must visit the City’s Building Department to obtain a residential permit

  • Village Editor Newsletter – None
  • Island Care – Open Position

Old Business

  • 2018 Budget

o   Budget is to be used as a guideline for managing spending

o   Suggestion made for Social Chair to propose a Social budget on an annual basis


New Business

o   Discussion held regarding the fence separating Pinecrest Village from Bear Valley Condominiums

  • Resident concerns regarding condition of the fence and specific sections missing were shared
  • Communication with BV Condo HOA has been difficult with no information provided to PVIA
  • Various options were discussed for possible resolution
  • PVIA President will attend next BV Condo HOA with hopes of establishing a better channel of communication

o   Loretto Heights

  • Next public meeting scheduled for March 15th , at Mullins High School
  • Next Steering Committee meeting scheduled for March 29th

o   Security for July 4th

  • 2 off-duty officers for 4 hours would cost $600
  • PVIA President to check on exact details involving use of off-duty officers
  • PVIA would set the time window
  • Possibly contact Windsong and Pinehurst to share the cost
  • Possible implementation of a community campaign to begin a few weeks before July 4th

o   Entry Island

  • Motion was made to appoint Rob Collins to fill the open Island Care Chair position
  • Motion 2nded and approved

Meeting Adjourned – 8:15 P.M.