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PVIA Board Meeting Minutes

November 13, 2018

Call to Order 6:35 P.M.

Police Report

  • Theft in the District is up 8.5% from this time last year
  • There will be no CAP meeting on Nov. 14th
  • Next “Pups on Patrol” training to be held on Dec. 6th
  • District Precinct is now posting on the Next Door app and website
  • Trying to get approval a street light for the cul-de-sac at the east end of the W. Milan at the park
  • Soliciting presents for the Christmas Crusade


Councilman’s Office Report

  • Loretto Heights community input process will last about 9 month. Meetings are held in the Loretto Heights Library and are open to the public
  • Christmas Service will be held at the Loretto Heights Chapel on Dec. 23rd at 4:30pm
  • Bear Valley tennis courts to be redesigned and refurbished. Open meetings to be held and there is a proposal to light the art sculpture

October 2018 Meeting Minutes:  Motion made, 2nded and approved

PVIA Officer Reports


  • President
    • Dumpster at Bear Valley Condos is an on-going issue
    • Old RV in the neighborhood that was source of many complaints is now gone
  • Vice President - None
  • Secretary – None
  • Treasurer – October Report
    • Insurance covering the period from Nov. 21, 2018 through Nov. 20, 2019 at the cost of $1,870.00 needs to be paid. Motion made, 2nded, and approved to pay in full
  • Deposits: $    07 – Interest

$280.00 – Dues

$  10.00 – Extra Dues

$290.00 – Total Deposits

  • Disbursements: $  87 – Excel Energy

                                                $  17.87 – Total Disbursements

  • Total Available – Checking and Savings Accounts: $8,002.69


Committee Chair Reports

  • Membership
    • An additional $206 in dues received
  • Parks – None
  • Safety
    • Discussion on posting “Pups on Patrol” posters around the community
  • Social
    • Tickets are now being sold for the PVIA 2018 Christmas Party
    • No feedback either way has been received on the pricing change
    • Receipt from Office Depot was provided for cost of the party invitation that was sent out
    • Vintage Automobile event had a small attendance, but was a fun time. Will try again next year
  • Architectural Committee
    • New owners of the house that sold on S. Benton did pull a city permit prior to constructing the very large shed in the backyard
  • Newsletter Editor – None
  • Island
    • Lights for the entry and island were purposefully broken. They will be repaired
    • Arrangements were made for decorating the entry for Christmas on the Saturday after Thanksgiving

Old Business

  • No attorney contacted was interested in reviewing any of our documents related to covenants and by-laws
  • Would probably take 2-3 hours of work to review those documents
  • Further questions and discussion took place around the process of review and revision of by-law and covenants
  • Motion made, 2nded and approved to table this project until the new Board begins work in January 2019


New Business

  • PVIA Board will sponsor a family for Thanksgiving with funds of up to $50, the max discretionary amount that the Social Chair can spend without a Board motion. Social Chair will coordinate
  • Nominations for the 2019 Board are as follows:
    • President – Cara Meeker
    • Vice President – Gwen Fox
    • Secretary – Randy Verble
    • Treasurer – Nancy Polak
    • Parks – Christie Rewey
    • Safety – Roger Feldkamp
    • Membership – John Polak
    • Social Chair – Courtney Mann
    • Island Chair – Rob Collins
    • Architectural Chair – Mike Schuh
    • Newsletter - OPEN

Meeting Adjournment – Motion made, 2nded and approved:  7:55 pm.