Pinecrest Village

A Great Place to Live

PVIA Board Meeting Minutes

March 5, 2019

Call to Order 6:33 P.M.

Police Report

  • Chris Avitia is our new CRO
  • Burglaries are down and there were 2 car thefts in the district
  • No “puffing” permitted except for cars with auto keyless start
  • Crashed car sitting on Lehigh at Sheridan has been tagged for removal


Councilman’s Office Report

  • There will be little street paving in our immediate area; however, more arterial routes will be repaved
  • No word yet as to when the Pinecrest Village Park trail will be repaved
  • 3/14 at 6pm there will be consulting on the Loretto Heights theatre where public input will be taken
  • Councilman is officially against “Issue 300” believing there are better ways to assist Denver’s homeless population. Refer to the link to be placed on the PVIA Facebook page to obtain details of the measure and decide for yourself before the May 7th

December 2018 Meeting Minutes:  Motion made, 2nded and approved  to approve the minutes

PVIA Officer Reports



  • No meeting was held in February as a quorum was not present.
  • Was approached by one of the local candidates requesting to speak directly to the PVIA Board. If one candidate is permitted to address the Board during a board meeting, the Board would be obligated to allow all candidates to have the same opportunity. General consensus was that no candidate would be permitted to address the Board directly.
  • Link to website with details related to “Issue 300” will be placed on PVIA Facebook page to bring the issue to residents’ attention prior to May 7th

Vice President – None

Secretary – None

TreasurerJanuary and February Reports Combined

  • Total Available – Checking and Savings Accounts: $3,086.92


Committee Chair Reports

  • Membership – None
  • Parks
    • One of the soccer goals is missing
    • Horseshoe backstop has been replaced
    • Toilet enclosure has been painted
    • Ruts near the toilet has been filled and graded
  • Safety
    • Have been watching for Ice flows. City has come out to break up the larger ones
  • Social
    • Easter Egg Hunt – April 13th
      • About 1,000 eggs were purchased from Sabin Elementary for $50. Eggs to be recycle for next year
      • There will be food, drink and games
      • Snow date will be April 20th if needed
  • Architectural
    • There is need for a committee chair person
    • Will solicit via the newsletter
  • Island – None
  • Newsletter
    • Newsletters are currently being created by Suman Koshy, a non-board member volunteer.

Old Business

  • Covenants/ Violations
  • Randy mentioned that trying to complete the entire project in one meeting seemed overwhelming. Suggestion was made to break up the covenant/ violation project into separate, successive components and work through them individually. Randy will review all materials put together thus far to offer a possible approach to complete the project.

New Business  - None

Meeting Adjournment – Motion made, 2nded and approved:  8:01 pm.