Pinecrest Village

A Great Place to Live

PVIA Board Meeting Minutes

April 2, 2019 

Call to Order 6:33 P.M.

Police Report – N/A


Councilman’s Office Report

  • Please vote – ballots are to be mailed on April 15th.
  • City Council will vote in May on a new Blue Print Guide for the City. Councilman will review the initiative prior to the election.
  • Dartmouth will not be repaved this summer. Instead a new water main will be installed starting at Pinehurst Country Club, down Sheridan, through Darmouth to Loretto Heights next year in 2020.
  • City Parks have suspended installing memorial plaques at this time.
  • No word available regarding the paving of Pinecrest Village Park path. City bids have not come up for discussion .
  • If you hear racing taking place on Hampden at night, call the Denver Police non-emergency line. Denver solicits assistance from Jefferson County Sheriffs office.

March 2019 Meeting Minutes:  Motion made, 2nded and approved  to approve the March minutes

PVIA Officer Reports



  • Will place details regarding Initiative 300 on the Facebook page to make sure all are aware of what this initiative consists of prior to the May 7th
  • Will solicit a new Architectural Committee Chairperson in the next newsletter.
  • Street sweeping schedule will be placed in the next newsletter.

Vice President

  • Car not belonging to the neighborhood has been parking in the neighbor hood at night.


  • Reviewed the entire website and found many areas that needed to be updated that were shared with the Board.
  • Will begin the updates based upon the answers to questions raised during this meeting.

TreasurerMarch Report

  • Total Available – Checking and Savings Accounts: $3,014.02


Committee Chair Reports

  • Membership
    • Request made to purchase postage for the 2019 HOA Dues mailing in May.
    • Motion made, 2nded and approved for $170 postage expenditure.
  • Parks
    • Trash cans were moved around probably for park maintenance purposes.
  • Safety
    • Street light by Ames is out. A ticket was submitted for replacement.
    • To obtain extra lighting for the cul-de-sac near the park, approval from Pinehurst must be obtained.
  • Social
    • Easter Egg Hunt – April 13th
      • Start time will be 10 a.m.
      • Will need volunteers to stuff eggs on April 11th
      • Plastic eggs will be recycled
      • Due to larger number of eggs, cost of candy will be greater
      • Standing cost for the event is automatically approved if under $300
      • There will be 3 sections for hunting eggs based upon age
  • Architectural – N/A
  • Island
    • Dead bush at the north end of the island will be replaced
    • Island will also receive new mulch
    • Motion made, 2nded and approved for a standing budget of up to $300 for island maintenance.
  • Newsletter
    • Suman Koshy is currently doing the newsletter, but the board position remains open.

Open Call for Comments at Large

  • Welcome of guest from nearby neighborhood observing Pinecrest Village HOA Board’s proceedings
  • Welcome of new home owner now residing on S. Eaton
  • Large dumpster by apartments has been removed

Old Business

  • Covenants/ Violations update targeted for next month

New Business

  • There are 6 new homeowners in the neighborhood.
  • Supplies for welcome baskets are needed. Motion made, 2nded and approved for a standing budget of $300
  • Motion made, 2nded and approved for a $50 discretionary budget for posters announcing neighborhood events

Meeting Adjournment – Motion made, 2nded and approved:  7:53 p.m.