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PVIA Board Meeting Minutes

September 3, 2019

Call to Order 6:35 P.M.

Police Report – New CRO, Officer Jerami Chavez. Reported that burglaries are down a little, theft is same. In-Car theft is down. Overall Motor Vehicle theft is up 61%. Stores have implemented “trespassing agreements” to help with homeless camp prevention.

Community Ministry Rep – The ministry provides a food pantry, kids supplies, holiday gifts and food boxes. They are trying to raise money to purchase their building; working on grants; raising money through the end of December.

Councilman’s Office Report – Loretto Heights update. Would like a letter of support by Friday, Sep 13th. Community plan developed over the last year. Monday, September 16th will be council vote, and all citizens welcome to attend. Gentrification issues are the main criticism to the plan.

August 2019 Meeting Minutes:  Motion made, 2nded and approved, to approve the August minutes

PVIA Officer Reports



  • Calls about Sheridan properties and yard care along Sheridan. Called 311
  • Complaints about trailers, but overall okay this year
  • Architectural requests by phone and email; we still need a chair
  • National Night Out a success! Want to do again next year and expand.

Vice President

  • 3 welcome baskets delivered. 1 new residence.


Secretary – not present

TreasurerAugust Report


  • Total Available – Checking and Savings Accounts: $11,818.54


Committee Chair Reports

  • Membership – 2nd notice to neighbors sent. Participation is up! 190 houses participation. Usually hits 208. Directory is being worked on, shooting for Oct 1st Change the color of cardstock. $650 approved for directory printing. Unanimous consent
  • Parks – dog bags are going well, waste seems down over previous times. Trash can pilot program seems to be okay. Goal post was broken, removed, not coming back any time soon.
  • Safety – street lights are all bright and working. Abandoned van but other than that, working great.
  • Social – not present
  • Architectural – n/a
  • Island – nothing to report
  • Newsletter – n/a

Old Business

  • none

New/Other Business

  • Holiday party date we usually use has been taken, need an alternative date choice. Will ask Holiday Inn has availability on Fri 6th, or Fri 13th or Sat 14th and make sure to reserve Dec 5th, 2020, Dec 4th, 2021.
  • Discussion: Grass in the median is dying. Sprinklers are working but tough year. Maybe because of sidewalk repair.
  • After some discussion, the board unanimously approved a letter of support for the Loretto Heights plan. Cara will issue a letter to Councilman Flynn.

Meeting Adjournment – Motion made, 2nded and approved.