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PVIA Board Meeting Minutes 

October 1, 2019

Call To Order 6:30 P.M.

  • Police Community Resource Officer Jeremi Report – Crime Stats report: Burglaries are down, larceny is up (shoplifting, etc.). Theft from cars is down. Motor vehicle theft is up. Stats report is available.
    • License plate screw installation at Bear Valley Cop Shop Oct 4th
    • Coffee with cops at the Starbucks tomorrow 2-4 pm.
    • Horseshoe league noticed trash and empty drinks under the trees by the pits in the park. Cara will work with Officer to reach out to Parks about getting the trees trimmed at the park to reduce activity.
  • Councilman’s Office Report – Dana representing the office.
    • Homeless camps are being contacted by Jeremi every day.
    • 1st Tuesday of every month will be the new Loretto Heights open house meetings, developer run meetings from here on out.
    • IHOP will now be a gas station/convenient store. Building will be scraped. Murphy’s Oil. They are waiting to hear on permitting.

Approval of Meeting Minutes – Cara didn’t do them! Will do them asap.

PVIA Officer Reports

  • President: Architectural questions came in about dumpsters, shed, etc. Horseshoe group is doing well! For sure will try in the Spring. Totally forgot to do minutes, will send them out with October minutes. Sent the approved letter to Councilman’s office about support for Loretto Heights project.
  • Vice President – not present
  • Secretary – not present
  • Treasurer – Website is wrong – dollar amounts from the previous meeting minutes are not correct. Will need to fix.

Total Available – Checking and Savings Accounts:  $11,988.81


Committee Chair Reports

  • Membership: Directory is coming in January 1, 2020. Cara will work with Anson to get a full updated list of block reps and their phone number.
  • Parks: Dog waste is down. Suman is filling the bag locations.
  • Safety: Nothing to report
  • Social: Holiday party is Sunday, Dec 8th. 5:00 to 9:00. Still working on menu.  November newsletter announcement for tickets. Look at pricing for families and guests. Cash and tickets.
  • Architectural Control: Nothing to report
  • Island Care – Plants will get pulled soon. Will look at wires that are holding the trees – time to take them out? Newly planted bush at entrance is dead again. Maybe a fake plant in the place of the one that dies all the time?

Old Business – none

New Business – none

Meeting Adjournment – Motion made, 2nded and approved.