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PVIA Board Meeting Minutes

December 3, 2019

Call to Order 6:35 P.M.

Police Report

  • Burglary down about 34% from this time last year
  • Vehicle theft is up and Kia theft is on the rise for non-push button start vehicles
  • Vehicle theft typically due to “puffing,” joy riding and situations of opportunity


Councilman’s Office Report

  • City is looking for census volunteers
    • Can choose the neighborhood and hours of work desired
    • Resident aliens are accepted
    • Supervisory roles also available
    • Pays well @ $20/hour
    • Take place about April 2020
    • Opportunity details will be placed in the Newsletter and the community’s Facebook page
  • Approval to convert the IHOP site to a gas station and carwash has been denied. Sit e may have to remain for restaurant use
  • No information currently available regarding the old Walmart grocery site

November 2019 Meeting Minutes:  Motion made, 2nded and approved to accept the minutes

PVIA Officer Reports



  • Working to obtain an updated “Block Rep” list. We do have full coverage

Vice President  - N/A

Secretary – N/A

Treasurer – November 2019 Report

  • Deposits:
    • $1,000.00 – From Savings
    • $1,000.00 – Total Deposits


  • Disbursements
    • $1,899.00 – D & D Insurance
    • $    29 – Christmas Party Invitation Paper
    • $    00 – Sabin Room Rental Application
    • $ 52 – Xcel Energy
    • $      00 – Bank Fee     
  • $1,974.81 – Total Disbursements
  • Total Funds Available – Checking and Savings Accounts: $7,674.87


  • No word yet from Sabin on the room rental application for 2020


Committee Chair Reports

  • Membership
    • 205 home owners are now paid in full
  • Parks
    • Path is a little icy, but nothing out of the ordinary
  • Safety
    • In general, neighborhood sidewalks are being cleaned within 24 hours
    • Street lights are functioning appropriately
    • Repair to the path has been “bumped” to 2021
  • Social
    • Christmas Party
      • About 47 reservations have been received so far
      • No word either way has been received from the photographer
  • Architectural – N/A
  • Island
    • Island is now decorated for Christmas

Old Business

  • Judges for the Christmas Lighting contest will be Cara, Tom and Christie
  • Election of Officers for 2020
    • President – Cara Meeker
    • Vice President – Gwen Fuchs
    • Secretary – Open
    • Treasurer – Nancy Polak
    • Membership – John Polak
    • Parks – Christie Rewey
    • Safety – Roger Feldkamp
    • Architectural – Open
    • Social – Courtney Mann

New Business

  • Discussion was held regarding a proposed amendment to the By-Laws that will allow the Board to operate in current circumstances with the Island Care Chair and Newsletter Editor positions remaining open


  • Proposed changes include the following:
    • Island Care and the Newsletter will no longer be considered Standing Committees of the Association and the Island Care Chair and Newsletter Editor will no longer be considered voting members of the Board
    • Quorum of any monthly or special meeting shall be 5% of the eligible voting Board membership represented in person or by proxy. (This changes the quorum from 7 to 5 voting members of the Board being required to conduct business.)
  • Motion was made, 2nded and unanimously approved by the Board of Directors

Meeting Adjournment – Motion made, 2nded and approved:  7:24 p.m.