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Pinecrest Village Resident’s Zoning Guide


Pinecrest Village is zoned R-1-Single family only.

No more than 3 unrelated people per home.

Foster/Day Care permitted under State controlled restrictions.

No apartments unless a special permit is obtained.

Home-based occupations allowed as defined by Zoning. (A good rule of thumb: no stock for sale to the public,   no employees on premises, no signs, no storage of hazardous material)


There is a leash law in Denver.

No kennels allowed. Raising pups for fun and profit is not an acceptable home occupation in an R-1 zone.

Clean up after your pet and make sure it is licensed and vaccinated. Waste disposal bags are available at the entrances of the park.

Large livestock of any kind is not permitted.

Pets are limited to no more than a total of 5, the combination not to include more than 3 dogs or 5 cats.


One car per licensed driver in household plus one additional vehicle.

No "junkers" allowed. If it is on the street the police will tow it after 72 hours. Zoning will cite the owner.

No recreational vehicles over 22 feet in length may be parked on property designated as residential for a period of time longer than 24 hours during any given week. The 22 foot length is the total length of the recreational vehicle which includes bumpers, hitch and any other attachments. Please, no semi’s, trailers or construction vehicles.

Other Ordinances

You must clear your walks of snow and ice within 24 hours after each snowfall.

No glass containers allowed in Denver parks. This includes ALL glass containers such as mustard and ketchup bottles. Use plastic and keep the parks safe.

Nothing can be planted in the public right-of-way without a permit.